"Scientists state that drowning is the least painful way to die." Well, that's very nice and all but how in god's name do they come up with that research? Do they study people who are drowning and just nod curiously and go, "right, well they look happier than the man who was burning to a crisp last time we checked, so it mustn't hurt too badly," amirite?

64% of dead people surveyed said......

We have women in the military, but
they don't put us in the front lines.
They don't know if we can fight, if we
can kill. I think we can. All the general
has to do is walk over to the women
and say, "You see the enemy over there? They say you look fat in those
uniforms.", amirite?
@Big_Boss waits for comment war to erupt I reckon it should be voluntary though, so the ones who don't want to see...

If women were allowed to fight on the front lines then they should get no more special considerations than anyone else - unless you are the sole parent or guardian or are exempt due to medical, you fight. We can't argue for the opportunity to fight and not accept the harsh realities that accompany it.

And as for the size argument given forth by others, I know many girls who can more then carry that weight, it's all about working out and developing your strength.

It annoys you when really ugly girls are with extremely hot guys. amirite?

Woah, shallow water alert, do not steer the cruise ship in this direction as crashing is inevitable. I repeat, shallow water alert.

You hate when people think they know the lessons in school. Today in health my teacher asked "why do people put beans in their ears." my answer was, "because their stupid," which was a good answer but my friend knew the lesson was about drugs so he said "to calm them down." that answer is stupid and he thought it would be great because the lesson was about drugs, but really who would do that. amirite?

Translation: I really hate those obnoxious students who think they know what the lesson in class is about. Today in health class (side not: this feels very MLIAish) my teacher asked "Why would someone put beans in their ears?" To which I retorted wittily "Because they are stupid." My friend knew that the lesson for class was about drugs so he tried to be intellectual and cool by saying "To calm them down." I think this answer is stupid so I'm going to make a sensless post on Amirite and mind fuck everyone.

Girls: At one point in your life (probably when you were younger) you were pretty much set on adopting all your kids because you were too scared of giving birth, amirite?

Psh, still adopting. 1. Passing along my genetics could quite probably be seen as child abuse so far as I'm concerned. 2. Ain't no way I'm dealing with labor. 3. There are more than enough kids in the world already that need homes, why add more?

You have been lost in the desert for 1 week and you are found, you are offered a bottle of soda and water, what would you pick? Always water, amirite?

If I'm offered water and soda, I'm taking both. If I was offered water or soda I would opt for the water.

Boys grow up liking trucks, fighting, non-girly colours, and don't care how they look. Girls grow up liking barbies, pink and purple, tea parties, and think boys are all stupid. Don't try to change this. "Gender-neutrality" in childhood is just bad in the sense that kids should just do what they desire. Men and women have different interests and roles. Please do not try to change this, amirite?

I hardly ever played with dolls as a kid - I was outside playing baseball, tag football, basketball, and games my friend and I thought up. I never wore pink, climbed trees and reckless abandon, loved Pokemon and video games, and could wrestle my older brother to the ground in seconds. My gender was never compromised, I'm still a female, I still like guys, and I'm still more rough and tumble than frilly and girly - and guess what, it's okay - forget the outdated rules of gender - let kids be who they want to be. Toys don't change a child's gender, or gender preference.

Whenever you walk past someone smoking, you purposely cough, amirite?

I usually cough or sneeze - but it's mostly a natural reaction to the smoke - I can't stand how it smells and tastes.......

You'd commit sins with the Weasley twins, amirite?

I answered YYA with crazy shenanigans in mind - apparently everyone else went dirty.

Whatever girl you're with is on crack, the last thing I would ever use to calculate a guy's fondness for me would be the frequency of facebook wall posts. Actually, I'd probably stop talking to said guy if he continued to post on my wall for no reason.

At the beginning of almost every R&B/Rap/hip hop song the artist has to sing their name, amirite?

My theory on that is that since they use so much auto-tune they have to sing their name first so that people know who is actually "singing" as they all sound the same.....

You have never actually called the number on the back of a utility truck to report their unsafe driving, amirite?
Everyone is so obsessed with the birds falling out of the sky on New Years eve. Didn't anyone consider that they got hit by a firework show? amirite?

I really don't buy the whole fireworks theory - 1. 4th of July: birds don't fall out of the sky in the US every year 2. It happened days after New Years Eve in some cases 3. I guess the fish got hit by fireworks too?
I have no idea why it's happening, but the firework theory just doesn't fly with me (no pun intended)

Why do people say McDonaldsis making America fatter, or that its the reason for kids eating unhealthy. No one is forcing you to eat there, or to spend your money there. amirite?

Silence!!! Logic is not permitted to be used by the general population! How dare you point out that we are responsible for our own decisions?! Disgraceful!

If you think about, it's worse to say omg, than f**k. The first one, you're tolf not to say it right in the ten commandments. No where in the Bible does it say "Though shalt not say the 'F', word". amirite?

"Oh God, don't say fuck that's offensive!"
"God didn't say fuck, I did. And don't tell God what to say, that's offensive!"