A father is four times as old as his son. In twenty years, he'll be twice as old. How old are they now?

The son is 10 and the father is 40. 20 years later, the son will be 30 and the Father will be 60! Right? :D

Is making new music/sounds possible?

Yes. I make new sounds when I eat Asian Food.

Professional singers should not be allowed to lip sync. Amirite?

I'm only agreeing to this post because I don't think a professional should lip sync to another person's voice.

If they pre-recorded their own voice, just in case their voice was cracking and they couldn't cancel the show, I think it's okay. Considering it's their own voice, and not someone else's.

EDIT: After reading the explanation, I feel dumb. Sorry. Lip singing and lip syncing are hard to tell the difference from because I'm an idiot.

I think that a natural voice is far better than a digitally enhanced one. I think that it is normal for minor adjustments to be made, but to make it sound completely different is not right in my opinion. It takes away the unique feel of one's voice.

Girls are like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken.

If they're taken, wouldn't that mean they were single at one point? You're probably just too slow...

What is the one thing most people don't notice about you?

... My amazing sense of humor. I am really funny, but, you know... people.

What would you do if you were the last person on the planet?

Steal everyone's belongings, including a NASA airship to fly to Mars and colonize there by myself; returning to Earth when necessary.

What do you think is an acceptable age difference between partners in a relationship?

Depends, I'd say one year if you're in middle school. 1-3 years if you're in high school. And if you're over 18, well, doesn't matter xD

If you were the one who made first contact with an alien ambassador, what would you ask and how would you describe the Human race?

Well I'd definitely ask if Aliens exist on planets other than his/her's, how development started on his/her planet, what the planet is called, how far away is it, and to assume this Alien looks similar to the stereotypes.. what are their body parts and how do the function.

As for describing the human race... I'd just talk about the technology and creationism or something... Also about the different languages and countries, and Humans are animals... Because, well, why not?

To all those who cry about not havIng a valentine for valentine's day, just remember there are those without fathers for father's day and mothers for mother's day, amirite?

The sadness of others shouldn't be classified by this and that.

Besides, what about having no daughters on Daughter's Day? Or no pie on Pie Day?

Dude, its not a big deal.

People should also raise awareness for boys with eating disorders, rather than it only being for girls. Because believe it or not, boys have emotional problems, too.
@fuzala awareness for it by itself is raised regardless of gender I think it might seem like it is not because the...

I was mainly referring to the negativity towards boys with eating disorders. They don't get much attention, and really aren't even taken seriously. Which is pretty sad....

People should also raise awareness for boys with eating disorders, rather than it only being for girls. Because believe it or not, boys have emotional problems, too.
@fuzala oh I was unaware of this good thing you brought it up

Yeah, lots of people are unaware of it. That's really why I posted it in the first place. Hopefully it really will raise awareness and it'd be great if boys could have a far easier life... self esteem-wise, at least...

The death of Trayvon Martin is not an American tragedy, amirite?
@freespeechfreelancer And a whole lot don't.

You only said black people thought it was racism, yet here you acknowledge people of other races also think it was racial motive.

Just like how there are black men and women who think it isn't of racial motive, people of other race don't think it is either.

I just wanted to point that out.

A man is alone on an island with no food and no water, yet he does not fear for his life.

It's because he's dead, right?

Freedom in the Free Country is truly being limited by stupid reasons, huh?
@TommyUK1234 Looking at this post, I'd be much more concerned by the limitations of education in the free country in...

I'm referring to America, which is nicknamed the Free Country.

Education is decent, but I was talking about human rights and equality, as well as freedom of speech and such.

If swimming is so good for your figure then how do you explain whales?

I think whales have gorgeous figures, especially female ones. They're very curvy.