Being a Christian is the smart way to go. If an atheist is right we have the same fate. If I'm're fucked, amirite?
@jsanford33 How do you disagree with this? It's a fact dumbasses

and if the greek's were right, your fucked, if the jews were right, your fucked, if the muslims were right, your fucked, if the romans were right, your fucked, if the mesopotamians were right, your fucked, if the ancient chinese were right, your fucked, if no one is right, your fucked, so...your fucked

I understand how the Bible condems gay couples. Now good people, answer this: My wife is cheating on me, and I want to stone her (as the Bible tells me to), but the government will get mad at me if I do. I should ignore the government, amirite?
@Stone the bitch.

You're right, weed solves relationships

Why does facebook give me the option to 'like' my own status? Of course I like my status, I'm fucking hilarious. And sexy. amirite?

you are fucking Hilarious and Sexy? One by one or threesome?

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If we wrapped the world in bacon, it would be a better place, amirite?

the buttery sun streaming through a sizzly, bacony film, with scrambly egg clouds floating here and there, and a slight drizzle of cold orange juice....ah, what a yummy world that would be....maybe xD

Love should be like volleyball. You call "mine" and everybody backs off, amirite?

Then sex should be like tennis... you know with all the grunting and moaning...

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