'Twas Christmas morning and all through the site the users received achievements with delight. The family gave gifts in its own special way: by posting uplifting and kind posts today. The quarrels so common at this time of year found almost no place on our little site here. To convey my feelings I produced a rhyme (my small present rapped in a poetic chime). To our online family I must say good night, and thank you, have a good Christmas, amirite?

T'was the morning of Christmas, and all through the house the guinea pig was flying and disturbing the mouse. The wrapping lay torn on the floor and the chair and the children, clutching toys, had made the sofa their lair. The parents had retreated, clutching their heads, and drank from their coffee right down to the dregs. And I with my laptop and my wings that I flap, had just begun thinking about inspirational crap. When upon my screen I beheld such a post, I knew I must comment, a metaphorical toast. Down for my keyboard I reached in a flash, typing so hard the keys clicked and crashed.
The sun on the side of the concrete did shine as I deflected my siblings who begged with a whine. "I need to finish this!" I exclaimed as I made words appear. "It might get more Loves than all my work yet this year!" With my fingers rushing, so lively and quick, I tacked on a line and finished with a click. More rapid than updates my words came, and I thought of my Followers and called them by name. "Look Jerkface! Look Bro_Nap! Look dawg56! See colette, see Xefon, see Rashed and trueshimmerchapstick! To the top of the post and the end of the wall, but I ran out of space before calling them all

you have a love for at least one typically hated smells (sharpies, car exhaust, nail polish remover, etc) amirite?

Mmm, chloroform.

Wait, what?

Stem cell research is done on blastocysts, which consist of about 150 cells. There are thousands and thousands of cells in a fly's brain. It makes no sense that this is a controversial topic, amirite?
@Paradoxal http://www.washingtonpost.com/w...082101180.html Stop arguing about it people...

Fascinating. If we have the potential to save thousands, if not millions or even billions of lives in the future, in exchange for one undeveloped fetus (which doesn't even need to die), then why the hell not? What is being hurt? What do we have to lose?