A relationship can only work if the man and the woman in that relationship divide the tasks. The relationship shouldn't purely consist of the typical gender roles. A man could help a bit in the household as well and a woman could bring out the garbage from time to time too. Equal efforts are important in a relationship. Relationships where the man is an alphamale with toxic masculine behavior and misogynistic views, cannot work. Women and men are equal therefore must put equal efforts into the relationship to make it a successful one.

There's no doubt that lack of appreciation in a marriage has significant bearing. I say screw the heartless Alphas on either side of the chromosome to end this mess :)

What don't you see anymore?

Public drinking fountains, police patrols on foot, letters written by hand, high-quality man-made goods, U.S. textiles made from the ground up, simple adding and subtracting in one's head.

@Ada You're a cop! Jesus christ! 乂ᴼₒᴼ乂

Lol - no, the cop she'd be meeting would be one I'd call for if she showed up :D I've never been in law enforcement :)

What's a phrase that really irritates you?

Of the deceased: She's in a better place; She's no longer in agony; She's in Heaven with the angels; She looks so peaceful.

Of those with chronic mental health issues: Things will get better; I know what you're going through; You just need some rest.

Smile, it's contagious!

Let's pray on this (and everything else).

I hope you've had a really decent birthday.

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I've blocked two people several months ago and it'll stay that way - I don't unblock anyone. I'm also fine being blocked - my enjoyment on the site isn't dependent on any one person, nor any one group. Block or unblock no problem.

What is your favorite thing about reading?

Being part of the character's experiences - living part of their "lives" without the actual harm and fear they've faced, though surviving in the end.

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful posts, the conversations, and friendship, I also want to thank you for taking the time to favorite and comment on my own personal posts. I don't think y'all are told enough just how much I appreciate you being here💕

Aww... I feel the same way about you and a lot of people I've come to know at Amirite; I miss so many from Sodahead as well. Cheek kiss and a hug.

Best wishes throughout the rest of the day - I hope you've had it good so far :)

Lol... excellent advice :Þ

I wouldn't give one of these to my child any time soon

Very definitely nefarious business practices - they should be shutdown.

Did you know you can break (ish) your penis? Yes... yes, you can. Here's one way that left a comedian's "Broken Bananah" bed bound. [click any one of three links]

CNN's staff does it so much better - it's definitely entertaining ;)


What book gives you happy memories?