About me.

My friends call me Celly.
I'm 15.(:
I am of a different race then white.
It's funny to be serious. >:|
Haha. x)
I like to laugh, so make me laugh. :D
My bestfriend is Sydney. (:
'Cause I'm a guy, you'd think I'd play Call of Duty, well. I do. Good job!
My school got dissed once by our country hick of a rival school, and it was pretty funny.
Later that week we lost to them in all three basketball games. ):
I have a Twitter, my friend inspired me to make one, now, I use it more than Facebook.
Because 'Face' in Facebook stands for.


Like, it makes me angry. But, whatever.
Even though I'm black, I really don't like black girls, they seem just, too much? I don't know.
I mean, black girls can be pretty, AND sexy, but I just can't see myself falling in love with a black woman.
I think Gay marriage is a waste of time, because the only reason homosexuals USUALLY wanna get married is for money. I really don't care though.

Politics? Obama, is doing his best, I'm not all.
"OMG! OBAMA!!" but I'm also not. "Obama stands for 'One big ass mistake, America."

I have some pretty kool friends, and we all act racist. (;
I've yet to take someone's wall virginity. );

I acquire random knowledge just in case I'm on a TV show.

My favorite food is-I don't have one...
I'm unnaturally strong, because I can bench 120, and I don't work out, and I weigh 109.

I don't do so good in Algebra, mostly because I hate it's guts.
I have A's in all my other classes-wait, except Latin. My teacher sucks, he literally doesn't teach us.

Favorite Youtubers?

Elpresador- Call of Duty commentaries, shits hilarious.
Destorm- Haha. (;
FLuffee-HAHA. x)

Okay, sorry it's so long, but, good job if you read it all, byeeee! :DD