We should find out if we have Amirite? neighbors. Comment with a state. Comments on comments will be cities/towns. Subsequent comments will be districts, streets, etc. amirite?


Making sure you have filtered Google settings is kind of an important step...

I've never heard of women keeping weapons in their vaginas. I have, however, heard of men keeping guns in their pants... ever seen Pulp Fiction?

You have been REALLY obsessed with something at one point in your life, to the point where it's almost all you can think about, amirite?

Primordial dwarves.

Haha :)

Nice sounding words: Cantaloupe, lemon, Tallahassee, luscious, willow, tiara, tulip. Bad sounding words: parsnip, fecal, mongoose, suckling, rotund, frock, tweezers, forceps. amirite?

My favorite words are guava and bubble.

Guys: You find it really hard not to tell girls the huge secret about penises that we can never let them know. amirite?

Girls... call me crazy, but something tells me that the purpose of this post is to make girls curious enough about it for us to "investigate" it, if you know what I mean. In other words, they are using a mind trick to (try to) get us into their pants. Don't you just love the male population?

No matter how good of a kid you are you want to know what being high feels like, amirite?

From what I hear, being high can feel like any of the following: everything is hilarious, you're absolutely euphoric, the letters on your iTunes library are walking around, or Ray Charles is narrating your life. You don't need drugs to experience any of those things. All you need is sleep deprivation, a really soft pillow and some marshmallows, a video of letters walking, and someone who can immitate Ray Charles' voice.

Atheists: If god doesn't exist, how can clouds stay up even though there's GRAVITY. It's common sense, amirite?

This is actually hilarious. It's things like this that make me grateful for the village idiots.

Mi amigo tengo artisticas, Yo soy grande, y me amigo tengo intellgente. me gusta no hacer una tareas, You had to translate this to find out what it means, amirite?

No... we could figure out what you were trying to say... but you did not conjugate correctly

sex before marriage is WRONG, no matter what society pressures us to believe, amirite?

Dogs have sex before marriage. You know why? Instincts. Humans have these same instincts: we have sex and the human race lives on. But, of course, we humans decide it's immoral to have sex before marriage. Who decided it? I didn't. You didn't. And if the Bible said that everyone should have sex until marriage, this post would say: "Not having sex before marriage is wrong!"