Why is everyone so afraid to say "I love you"? Even if it's not in a romantic way, it's still nice to hear, amirite?
GUYS: you want a girl who... (1) Lets you hang out with your friends (2)Does not become jealous when you talk to your friends that are girls (3) Does not give you grief when you play black ops (4)Does not put you on a leash (5) Makes you the occasional sandwich 6 smilieRandomly makes you cookies. GIRLS: Some of you would enjoy doing this, amirite?

I make mine cookies randomly(: he loves it.

One thing that makes this site great is that people don't feel the incessant need to announce that they were "first" to comment on a post, amirite?
There is a very fine line between bravery and stupidity. Ex: Bravery - I'm going to go and save the village with my army of experienced soldiers! Stupidity - I HAZ BIG SWORD THAT GO WOOOSH WOOSH! I SAVE TOWNSPEOPLE ALL BY MYSELF! amirite?

Freaking hilarious(: love this

It suck when your best friend gives your hairbrush to a peach, amirite?

That made my day(:

Ross. Rachel. Monica. Chandler. Phoebe. Joey. You know exactly what I'm talking about, amirite?
Ross. Rachel. Monica. Chandler. Phoebe. Joey. You know exactly what I'm talking about, amirite?
What the fuck is KOL? amirite?

Kissing Our Liquor

Girls: When you go shopping, sometimes you would rather shop in the guys' section because the clothes seem cooler, amirite?

I went shopping today and was just thinking this! (:

It's really awkward when you end up handcuffed in your friend's boss's office and your pants are across the room, amirite?

Haha, chandler <3

Nickleback is the best band ever! amirite?

Why do people hate on Nickelback? I haven't heard all of their songs, but the lead singer has a great voice and some of their lyrics are great. Yeah, they're not the best band ever, but they're still really good, and one of my favorites.

You hate it when your boyfriend hangs out with your dad more than you. amirite?
An awkward situation would be walking in on 2 people having sex while wearing flippers, amirite?

Depends on who's wearing the flippers ;)

If you think about it, theres no way that the adam and eve story makes sense. Even if adam and eve had 2 kids, a girl and a boy, they wouldnt be able to have kids because of incest. So you would need at least 2 couples because otherwise we'd all be disabled. amirite?

They did have more children. Cain and Abel are just the two the world knows the most about. Back then the gene pool wasn't corrupted with the genetic breakdowns we have now. Incest still is disgusting, but it was the only option. I'm not trying to start a debate or anything. Just wanted to point that out(:.

how come, in Hercules, everything has to be the "gospel truth"? why can't it ever be the "old testament truth" or the "minor prophet truth", amirite?

Hahah, I love this XD
Hercules is my all tine favorite Disney movie.