Christmas is actually a pagan holiday, amirite?

It was litterally created by paganists xP Look it up.

In a movie, when a character says, "this is just a dream" it never really is, amirite?

It was in inception :)

The best way to bring everyone together is puppies. amirite?

I like cats not dogs xP

If you think about it, canibalizing fat people would solve world hunger, lower obesity rates, and help over-populating, amirite?

All of America would die Lol jk

Shut the fuck up about the zombie apocalypse already, we have real things to worry about, amirite?

The CDC posted a warning about a possible zombie apocalypse :) Suck on that OP!

When you hear people speaking British, you secretly wish you could too. amirite?

I can speak Argentina :) Who else speaks a new language as of now?

I wish people cared as much about Earth as they care about who created it, amirite?
@inb4 offended religious people

It will start in about 10 minutes more or less lol

When you read German you somehow end up sounding angry, amirite?
Girls: it would be interesting to read a list of all the guys who have ever had an erection in your presence, amirite?

What if there were two gay guys near her?

Too many people wear skateboarding shoes now, and 75% don't skate! amirite?

Thats like the same thing for tennis shoes. Most people wear them because it suposedly matches their clothes.

At school it would be OK to have a gay rights club but you would get in trouble for making a straight rights club, how exactly is that fair? Everyone has their beleifs, amirite?

This post was sadly stupid. A straight club would be so boring xP

It's weird when a guy has any kind of piercing, amirite?

Piercings are like a turn on for me xP

It's sad that a talented young man had to take his life for people to realize the importance of gay rights and how destructive bullying can be, amirite?

i know exactly how you feel. When I was in 6th grade I was bullied by about three people. They either took something that I personally owned or would call me names. My sixth grade homeroom teacher told me in front of my whole class how much she hated me and the last day of school I got punched in the face. That experience caused me to try to avoid black people and (im black korean) only make friends that werent ghetto in any way. Until some of you actually know what its like to be bullied then don`t post negative comment.

"OMG you let your kid do heroin? You're such an awful parent!" I'm sure that's exactly what they wanted their child to do. amirite?
When you were younger, you used to put two pringles in your mouth and pretended you were a duck, amirite?

Half of the kids on here that arent at least 14 don't even know the comercial that started the pringle duck thing :P