When an officer says, "How high are you?" the proper response is, "No, officer. It's hi, how are you?", amirite?
@TinyNinja So unoriginal, seen it on at least 3 other sites.

I hope you step on a bunch of legos then, because i don't care

We probably have the technology to make flying cars. It's figuring out what the hell happens if someone crashes in mid-air that's stopping us from building them, amirite?

it's similar to something called an airplane probably

Santa has run out of coal this year, so all the naughty children will be receiving Nickelback albums, amirite?

no, they'll get justin bieber albums

Life would be so much easier if you didn't have hair down there, amirite?

fuck my legs

Love is like an orgasm, if you have to question it then you didn't have it, amirite?

Terrible POTD!!!

How long till Bear Grylls eats an actual bear? amirite?

how til he drinks something other than his own piss?

It's fun to bite a tomatoe and suck out the juice while pretending to be a vampire. amirite?

ok, maybe not a tomato.

You can't bring a water bottle on a plane because it could be a bomb. But it's okay, just go put it in that trashcan, amirite?
When watching sports, you always want the arrogant team is lose, amirite?

you always want the arrogant team is lose? you mean to lose?

How the heck did this get POTD??

Guys, stop bitchin about the band aid and think. If you get it soaking wet it will come off with no pain, amirite?

Why is this directed towards males??

If they don't sell it at Walmart, it doesn't exist, amirite?

If they don't sell it at wal-mart, go to costco!!!

Just once I'd like to see a black model in a shampoo commercial, amirite?

yeah, then the soap will be more visible

It sucks when you try to google yourself and a porn star shows up, amirite?

haha...it sucks...

It's difficult to pee when you're horny, amirite?

especially when you have a boner