Ever tried a popcorn sundae?

Never did, but it looks tempting from the picture.

What would be a weird thing to dip in chocolate?

An Egyptian papyrus.

And their favorite beverage is Gator-ade.

For whatever reason that word made me think of Rumpelstiltskin.

Anyway, no, no idea.

have a great sunday

Wow, that song is great!
Have a great Sunday as well.

National Croissant Day, is on January 30th. Which country did the croissant originate from?

I'd think it was France, so I clicked it (but saw from the comments that it's actually Austria).

Incidentally, I ate a croissant yesterday - so I got the day right, apparently.


Cool, I like it too.

I heard of that very recently. Haven't read about it in detail yet, but I hope the researches are on the right track.

"Drops of Jupiter"
YouTube video thumbnail

Have patience.You will like the end!

This is awesome. lol.


Or boss, coworkers... :O


She will have a difficult time convincing Robert that she was taking some DIY home improvement lessons.

Which of these numbers best describes how you write your Xs?