About me.

I live in Australia, I'm a girl, I'm a nerd.

Dr Who is supermegafoxyawesomehot (The show, and the Dr himself ;D)
I am a masssssive Harry Potter fan
~so pumped for the last movie~

I absolutely love the show Misfits! Unfortunately, only one of my friends has watched it, so I don't get to talk about it much, so if you like it too, lemme know ;D

Hunger Games are amazing, and I am already trying to decide which of my Hunger Games earrings to wear to the movie (yes, I am that lame :D)
I also love the Gone series, although I am slightly worried that it will get crap before the end, but fingers crossed it doesn't.

I love painting my nails. So much. I do pictures and patterns and things, and I get really excited about doing it. (Sad but true :P)
I am planning to do the Hogwarts coat of arms for the premier, and I am also planning how to do cupcakes for an upcoming cupcake-tea party. If you have any cool nail ideas, let me know :D

I love macaroni and cheese.
Something about the pasta, and the crunchy cheese on top....mmmmyum~

I'm not religious myself, but I don't care what other people choose to believe, in my opinion they can do what they like with their own life, as long as it doesn't affect others.

I don't really know what I believe about things, so I tend to take any side I want in arguments, just to see what people have to say.

I like talking to people, even if I don't know them, different opinions are always good.
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