school is like a boner, it's long and hard unless you're Asian, amirite?

This is the greatest post ever.

Rebecca Black really should not be famous, and it slightly irritates you that she is, amirite?
@KickAss It's not like she has good fame.. she's more infamous than famous

That's a good point. It's just irksome that she gets invited to events such as the TCAs and things like that. She probably thinks people like her.

Girls: you would date an otherwise great guy if he had a third nipple instead of a belly button. amirite?
Wet dreams should be called snoregasms, amirite?

Having sex with your teacher should be called a mentorgasm.

You can't say "Hmmmmmmm..." for 7 seconds while holding your nose. Trust me, amirite?

I did it and my dog started barking at me.

if god isn't real, then how do leaves stay on trees even though there is gravity. Wouldn't gravity make the leaves fall off the trees? amirite?
@Adolf__Hitler Must...resist...urge to kill

You haven't done too well with that in the past.

You're a girl and you watch porn, amirite?
You might be dead within the next half hour. Hell, you might be dead within the next five minutes. This is why we should live our lives to the full, amirite?
It annoys you when you're having a conversation with certain people, and they make fun of you for using "big words"; "Propo- whaat? Proportional? What the fuck does that mean?! You fucking loser...", amirite?

I know this girl who doesn't know what "fate" or "society" means. Someone sent her questions using those words on formspring, and she was like "uhh what?" I wanted to kill myself.

There's lots of anime pictures with girls that have cat ears and/or a tail. Sure they may be cute or sexy or whatever, but that's kinda like bestiality, amirite?

I love how there's two posts on a row on the homepage involving animals and sex.

If a person walks by, a car drives by, and a plane flies by, what does a train do, amirite?
@You drive a train so it drives by?...

(TrainConductorMan2.0): You drive a train, Train Conductor Man. We do not.

You want to have the powers of a superhero, but not the responsibility of one, amirite?

With great power comes great responsibility.
-Spiderman's Uncle

After having your first real orgasm, you can finally understand exactly why some people become nymphs and addicted to sex, amirite?

I'm 12 and what is this