We should strive to build a society in which all members have equal rights and equal opportunities; in which all can live in peace with their neighbours without suffering or imposing injustice, being exploited, or exploiting; and in which all have a gradually increasing basic level of material welfare before any individual lives in luxury

He says from his computer, using a decent internet connection, in a warm, well light house that's probably in a decent neighborhood.

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the only way to get rid of racism is to STOP talking about it. amirite?
@Please tell me you didn't just indirectly say that Allah created racism.

I think he's just saying that Allah wanted everyone to be different, and that's it's humans' fault for only focusing on the differences.

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No matter what religion, race, or sexuality, it doesn't even matter if you're athiest, PRAY FOR JAPAN. amirite?

Yeah, that. "Prayer does not change God, it changes me." -CS Lewis

It is sad that some people care more about Charlie Sheen than they do about a 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami in north Japan, amirite?
@CatMan Well it was devastating in places other than just Japan but he makes a good point. So....maybe you should grow...

No, I didn't, but I'm not the one who made a self-righteous post about it. The OP has probably done nothing about it and yet he thinks he's somehow a better citizen simply because he's aware of the earthquake.

This post uses a simple pathos appeal to get votes, a pathos appeal that's based on an inaccuracy: there's no actual person who "cares" more about Charlie Sheen than the earthquake victims.

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You feel bad for that one person that gets a varsity jacket with "CHOIR" or "MARCHING BAND" on the back, amirite?

I'm actually looking forward to getting my jacket with marching band on the back. It's a lot harder than any sport I've ever played, and I've played soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, and I was a cheerleader. I'm proud of being in band and I've met a lot of awesome people from it.

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Guys: Please don't expect every single one of us girls to look like a super model or have super hot Megan Fox bodies. We're not all perfect and it's pretty hard maintaining our figure, amirite?

Girls: we're not the ones who expect you to maintain a perfect figure. You're so insecure that you project your emotions about yourselves onto us men. Search your feelings. You know it's true.

Maybe the chicken didn't really cross the road, maybe the road moved beneath him, amirite?

No, it's Einsteins theory of relativity!

At the beginning of almost every R&B/Rap/hip hop song the artist has to sing their name, amirite?

My theory on that is that since they use so much auto-tune they have to sing their name first so that people know who is actually "singing" as they all sound the same.....

dear family, thanks for putting my empty cereal box back in the cabinet. now I can have disappointment for breakfast. amirite?

I had nails for breakfast
...without any milk.

It would be really funny if the GPS changed voices depending on what part of town you are in. YOOO Man, Yawll enturrin da ghetto! teerrrn leffft and' hit up tha likor store beeotch! Nah Nah Nah Nah Yawll misst da teeern. You are reallly dumm. Fur reel. amirite?
@Lkun What would happen if you drove through chinatown?

Turn left in 5 mile. Nonono, make different turn! I bet you get B in school.

Taking money away from people who are willing to work and then giving it to poorer people so everyone will be more even is so stupid. If I have a 4.0 in school, should I also be forced to give up 1.0 of my GPA so that a slacker with a 2.0 can be even with me? amirite?

No one (able bodied and able minded)in America is born into perpetual poverty. It is possible to get out. Public education, scholarships, student loans, and government grants are all ways that anyone should be able to get a college education. When it is possible to pull yourself out of poverty, I believe that the government should minimize the extensive welfare it hands out to those who refused to take their opportunities. People should have to live with the consequences of their decisions, instead of being coddled by the government. If welfare were reduced, some of these people might go back to school and earn a living themselves.

White people have a habit of invading other peoples' country then justifying it. What's worse is that they discriminate people that were already there and try to kick out people who goes there too. amirite?

well, i am a white person, and i have invaded many people's countries. personally. i apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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It would suck if Hitler actually meant "I hate Juice" but people misheard him, amirite?
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