It's going to be hard to pick a movie on July 15th: Harry Potter or Winnie the Pooh, amirite?


French toast is good for your soul, amirite?
@I have no soul.


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What would happen if you covered the ground with an invisibility cloak? Amirite?

You will never know!

oooooh like in Aladdin? Inception? and Indiana Jones?

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Why did Professor Snape stand in the middle of the road? So no one would know what side he's on, amirite?

This made me think of the cabbage guy from avatar for some reason...


Good for our soul, french toast is.

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We've all said something dumb like "There should be a type of car...only for water," amirite?

Two years ago, I thought they should have left-handed microwaves.

If someone in real life said "Hey, listen!" as often as Navi did, you'd be forced to punch them repeatedly, amirite?
In those movies when the moral is "be careful what you wish for", the main character never seems to get exactly what they wished for, just some twisted variation of it. amirite?

I know. It's like "Ok, I want peace on earth." "Great, in order for your wish to come true a giant capybara must come and eat south America" and you're like "lolwut?"

Guys: whenever someone calls you a sissy, you just wack them with your purse, amirite?

You mean the European shoulder bag that I received as a gift, even though insurance people always think it's my wife's?

Guys: whenever someone calls you a sissy, you just wack them with your purse, amirite?

It's not a purse...
It's a satchel, Indiana Jones has one.

When you took a shower as a kid, you did one of the following: 1. Went around the edges of your shower avoiding any contact with the water, 2. Danced crazy to a catchy song, 3. Sang a song you were feeling, or 4. You just took a shower. amirite?

I had my Polly Pockets climb the nozzle cord and investigate ancient ruins behind the waterfall.

There is no correct pronunciation for LOL, pwn, rofl etc. amirite?

lol like lollipop. Pone like phone. Roffel like how scooby doo would say waffle

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