If you actually think about it, the concept of sleep (that your body just decides to shut down for several hours every night) is pretty weird. amirite?
It sucks being the catcher in a baseball game on a really hot day. amirite?

I play catcher for my baseball team. It sometimes does suck but it depends on several things. One, if there is a breeze it can really cool you down. Two, it depends on the gear. Some gear is a lot more ventilated than other gear. Three, it depends on whether you are in the shade. But in general, it kinda sucks.

Although I like the summer months better (mostly because of the lack of school), temperature wise it will always be better in winter. You can always put clothes on in winter, but there's...eventually...a limit to the amount of clothes you can take off in the summer. And if you're a ginger that sunburns, not even the pool can help you, so you're left sweltering and discontent. amirite?

That is exactly my argument for why I like winter better, lol.

If Heaven exists it wouldn't be enjoyable. The only people there would be humble boring that don't know how to have fun. While in Hell you could spend your time with kings and celebrities, amirte? amirite?

Hint You don't need to put ", amirite" at the end of the post. It does it automatically. ;)

Sometimes, after you get your clothes out of the dryer, you put them up to your face to either feel how warm they are, or to just see how good they smell, amirite?

I do that with newly printed paper (not the smell part).

Death from laughter would be the best way to die, amirite?

I think that the way (*spoiler alert) Lennie died in Of Mice and Men wouldn't be a bad way to die. Being completely peaceful and happy and then dying instantly without and pain actually would rank pretty high up there in ways for your life to end. :)

Eduard Khil's hit song is one of the few uber-popular songs that anybody can sing well, amirite?

R.I.P Mr. Khil. You shall always be remembered.

You could hear a song a thousand times and always thought there was different words until you hear someone else sing it and you finally realize you were thinking the wrong words the whole time, amirite?

In Empire State of Mind "concrete jungle where dreams are made of" I always heard "concrete jungle (something) tomato". I have no idea why it sounds like that to me.

There are some words you just can't spell. It doesn't matter how many times you write it, or how many times it corrected on the computer, you just can't spell it, amirite?

So do I! Like withe(with), or or mythe(myth).

How much money one has does not necessarily coincide with how smart they are, amirite?
If you said all of your thoughts out loud, you would have no friends, amirite?

I sense a ginger is talking... hi david ;)

There are some words you just can't spell. It doesn't matter how many times you write it, or how many times it corrected on the computer, you just can't spell it, amirite?
One of the most painful feelings is getting burnt by a hot glue gun, amirite?

When I was younger some girl in my art class started crying after she touched a glob of drying hot glue, and I, for some reason, wanted to prove it didn't hurt so a poured a whole bunch of it on my hand. It hurt like hell and I had a blister for several weeks because of the third degree burn that I received. Stupid me. ;)

Political ads: 90% "My opponent is Satan himself, he will do evil wicked things such as rape your children if you vote for him, so you better vote for me!!!"... 10% "These are the things I have done well, and these are the things I plan on doing if you vote for me!" amirite?

To all the people who agree with this you should go watch the movie The Campaign. Theres one ad where one candidate says that the other is a communist because he has chinese dogs! Its so funny!!

I find it very interesting that in new york city, most of the cross-walk buttons dont even work. they are just buttons the people press to relieve stress. am I right?

Yeah I live in New York and I've never noticed a difference after pressing a button. They sure are fun to press through. ;)