People who study Philosophy at university end up asking "Why would you like fries with that? amirite?
Look down at your keyboard: Isn't it quite amazing that a certain combination of these 26 letters can produce such a variety of emotions like sadness, joy, or anticipation and that hundreds of years ago, someone sat down and wrote, using these same letters, a literary work that is marveled at even today? amirite?

When I first started reading this I thought it was going to be another Old Spice reference.

You miss John Lennon and George Harrison, amirite?
Broccoli looks like mini trees, amirite?
@x22 really? how do i not remember that? i feel stupid :/

haha Sue said "what is this" (holding up the broccoli)
and Mercedes said "Toilet brush"

AND THEN Sue said how Britney thought gummy bears lived in it.


Sunday: National Homework Day. amirite?
If monsters are so big how come we can never find them under our beds and in our closets? amirite?
It slightly angers you when Amirite users put a clearly rude comment on your post and then claim it wasn't rude at all, amirite?

This sucks.

not rude ^^

Across the Universe is a brilliant film, not only for the Beatles songs it uses, but for the way it uses them, amirite?

one of my favorite movies i gotta say

It's awkward when you are in a class, and the teacher is speaking, and the Smart Board goes to its screensaver and someone has to jump up and tap the screen to keep the page up. amirite?
@The teacher normally taps it

Sometimes the teacher could be across the room though.

You should always think ahead. The alternative is thinking behind, and that's just remembering. Amirite?
You have wondered, at least once, what the person you're gonna marry "is doing right now...", amirite?
It would be awesome to go back to kindergarten as a 5 year old with all the knowledge you currently have and completely dominate, amirite?

This would be a great book/movie!

Why are there such lifelike baby dolls for little girls to play with? Aren't we supposed to be teaching them that having babies at a young age is NOT a good thing? amirite?