Nothing is impossible, the word itself says: "I'm-possible".

Try turning into a moose everytime someone drops their wallet.

Maybe is a baby that needs to be loved, until it says its first word. Now depending on the first word, the mother and father of this maybe could fight whether the baby's first word was in fact yes. So they end up divorced and they must find our how to take care of this maybe and en up giving it to a good fried of theirs, but after they realize that the maybe should be with it's birth parents, they decide to remarry and get back their baby. They then live on and the maybe dies young, amirite?

This was the most incoherent rambling story I've ever seen in all my years on amirite.


I just heard that someone published a book about having sex with herbs. It's about fucking thyme, amirite?

Chapter 1: The Dill-do

New York dressed up as New Orleans for Halloween, amirite?

It looks like New York is getting in the Christmas spirit. All the store windows have trees in them.

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In the sims, its fun to invite your neighbors over for a nice dinner then, as they are leaving, trap them in a box for a week or so. amirite?
Confidence is when you write "answer key" on the top of your test, amirite?
See that pregnant teen over there? She was raped. See that guy doing his homework from last night? He convinced his friend out of suicide. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for our country. See that guy who is sobbing? His mother is dying. See that show-off guy? He's standing up to bullies. See that fat woman? She has a health problem. Don't judge people if you don't know their life. ... amirite?

See that beautiful woman over there? She marries old men and then kills them for the insurance money. See that kind man helping a small child? He's a child molester. See that adorable little boy? He punched his mother in the stomach yesterday causing her to miscarry. See that lovely and polite gentleman? He runs a white power organisation in his spare time.


Go to Google Translate and type in "Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty" then translate English to Vietnamese Copy and paste the Vietnamese words and translate Vietnamese back to English, amirite?

Go to the Armenian part of Google Translator and type in "stop fucking telling me to do shit on Google translator", type the resulting characters into the French translator backwards, wait two weeks, and then go lick a cactus.

Now I wish I had a time macne so I could go back & apologize for laughing.

You are upstairs when suddenly, your mom calls you from the kitchen. As you run down the stairs you hear your mother shout from her room upstairs "Don't go in the kitchen! I heard it too!" You're now essentially trapped. This scenario is extremely troubling the more you think about it, amirite?
@rowanne With the same voice?

One of them is a ventriloquist

That geeky kid you never thought much about could actually be the next big star, amirite?

This is really irrelevant, but young Eminem reminds me a lot of Frodo Baggins.