Life is a multiple choice test where despite instinctively knowing most of the answers, we almost always select the dopamine one instead. amirite?
Dogs think let's do it human style.... amirite?

Nah, my dog prefers doggy. Missionary makes it a bit too challenging for him to find where he's burying his bone

Maybe one day body augmentation will be advanced enough to give you a bionic butthole, amirite?

Ahh yes! Then we drop power turds.

There are probably way better athletes than any pro athlete, they just don't have the opportunity to showcase or even compete in less developed countries, amirite?
@Tldfonat This is why I don't get star stuck. The only thing really special about celebrities is that millions of people...

Big difference between a celebrity like Kim Kardashian and a celebrity like Michael Jordan. If you're saying Michael Jordan isn't special, you're missing a critical volume of brain cells.

All guns that shoot are "shotguns". amirite?
@Openeyes But if it doesn't shoot shot but instead shot pellet then it's still a shot gun because it still shot

Are you saying pellets in the singular or plural?
Plural pellets are shot thus it would be a shotgun. But if singular pellet then it is a only a shot gun if you shot it.

Corn on the cob is the banana of the vegetable world, amirite?

"Banana for scale" has a much better sound than "Corncob for scale".

In a wedding, 2 families enter and 1 leaves, amirite?
Scratch and sniff pictures of actresses' feet would completely change the publishing industry, amirite?

Quentin is that you?

People who love bicycling are pedalphiles, amirite?
The only letter in the alphabet that phonetically starts with the letter ‘W' isn't W, it's Y, amirite?

Just because W is so weirdly pronounced in english

In a wedding, 2 families enter and 1 leaves, amirite?
@rotersscap1982 Weddings= Thunderdome

When is it too late to get remarried and use this on the invites?

We cordially invited you to THUNDERDOME, Where TWO families enter but only ONE leaves!

Please RSVP.

To give or to take a look are the same thing, amirite?

Not if you're giving a dirty look

Once you hit puberty, the only way your teeth will fall out is bad health. amirite?
The moon orbits earth. Earth orbits the sun. The sun, too, would have to be orbiting something, based on the pattern. There has to be some sort of ultimate sun. amirite?

The Sun orbits Sagittarius A*. But assuming there is an infinite pattern is not a wise thing to do since we humans aren't orbiting anything, nor is the galaxy. It's just a pattern of three levels because the things are relatively close in space.

It's not how much money you can make but how much money you are willing to lose, amirite?