Everone says Romeo and Juliet is the most romantic story ever, but it's actually kind of creepy. I mean, Romeo is 18, Juliet is 13 and they're in love. Ew. Plus, Romeo stalks Juliet and talks to himself outside her house. He's actually really creepy, amirite?

People who continuously like to point out the 'flaws' in Shakespeare's works obviously aren't really experiencing them. They're just going through the motions of working out the plot. It's really quite annoying. These plays are famous for a reason; they are much deeper and more complex then 'Ew it was creepy and weird and they died it's dumb'. You're supposed to analyze them and interpret them. For instance, when I think of Romeo and Juliet I think about the innocence of young love. Yes, it happened quickly, but frankly that seems to suit it- young love is about naivety and failing to see flaws in one another. There are also other themes concerning many different aspects of the story, for instance- working against societal rules. There are countless posts on here about what was 'wrong' with the story, but frankly if you're going to read a classic work like this only to get caught up with technicalities then why bother.

If you don't know how to dance, all you do is spell your name in cursive with your ass, amirite?

This is also a good technique when making out. Except you know- use your tongue, not your ass.

Husbands should get the tattoo: "Property of Wife's Name" on their penis, so no one else can touch it! amirite?

there's this crazy concept called trust.

if you're getting married to someone you should probably consider it.

Girls: if you found out you were pregnant today, at your current age and in your current socioeconomic situation, you would probably get an abortion, amirite?
@BeautifulNightmare Unless it was rape, then it's MY fault that I'm pregnant. I'M the one who had sex, not the baby. So I deserve the...

By the way, you should probably refrain from putting smiley faces after your points during a serious argument. It kind of makes you seem like an arrogant prick.

You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
@CherryBlossom How would you feel if your partner died while having sex with you though?

Probably a bit bad at first, but the knowledge that I literally made someone cum so hard they died of euphoria would make up for it.

There is a difference between acting slutty, dressing slutty, and legit being slutty, amirite?
@rowanne How is it we're still even using the word 'slutty'. It's kind of taking a step backwards for women who fought/fight...

Yeah going off of what HMDucky said, I don't think sex shaming should exist, period. You don't fix a problem by making it worse. "hey, instead of making only one group feel oppressed let's oppress EVERYONE!" no one should be ashamed about the amount of people they've been with whether it be 0 or 100. It's no one's business and unless they're purposely being careless or hurting people they shouldn't feel bad about what they do in their private time.

All polls are fake. Like they REALLY know how much percentage of America is obese or how many teenagers on average have sex? amirite?

You're incorrect since with a lot of polls the subjects volunteered or are getting some sort of reward for doing so. The surveyors are able to extrapolate the data and get a fairly correct statistic. If you've taken a stats course or anything similar you'd know this. Just because _some_ kids screw around with small scale surveys it doesn't mean that they all become invalid. This can be proven by the fact that the vast majority of statistics prove to be accurate. Political polls, for instance, shown by the voting done later on.

Also, the issue of obesity is based on more than simply polling- medical records come into play, as well as taking into consideration the eating habits of the average American. The issue of teenage sex, while also partly based on polling, is also based on other statistics, such as the amount of recorded teen pregnancies in hospitals/abortion clinics/etc, the average age of a consumer for products like condoms or birth control, etc.

One does not simply take a poll. Its black gates are guarded by more than just deceptive teenagers. There is evil there that does not sleep, and one must extract data carefully.

Congratulations to anyone who actually read this.

Indians/Desis: It's very annoying that Western films only show the bad sides of India: the arranged marriages, the poverty, the crowd, the very controlling parents etc. They never show how awesome our Diwali parties are and how we kick ass at dancing. amirite?

western movies kind of do that to every culture. everyone in whatever country is out to get the one american guy who ends up saving everything.

there. i just spoiled like, 600 movies for you.

There is a difference between acting slutty, dressing slutty, and legit being slutty, amirite?

How is it we're still even using the word 'slutty'. It's kind of taking a step backwards for women who fought/fight for equal rights..

There's a special sort of excitement to eating out, as opposed to eating at home, even if the meal you have at the restaurant is the exact same thing as what you would have at home. amirite?

Before I read what was after that first comma I thought this was gonna be about something COMPLETELY different.

Oblivious panda is not so oblivious

It's funny how someone can so easily worship/praise someone who is talented but it's almost impossible for them to even consider the Creator of the Universe. amirite?

Well.. the two aren't really related.. For instance, I am a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr.'s because he's an amazing actor and musician, and seems like a genuinely great person- so I will readily praise him/his work (as will many). The "Creator of the Universe" is totally different however- they are not a fellow human who had some sort of admirable skill- they are implied to be a magical being who somehow came to exist before everything else, and then proceeded to create everything we know today (without any concrete explanation to humans as to why or how). One is asking me to appreciate someone and one is asking me to blindly believe a theory of how the universe works based on faith alone. They aren't comparable things.

Humans are animals, too, so if you think animal testing is okay, try having to endure what those poor animals have to. amirite?

While I don't like animal testing for medicine, I get why it's necessary. But the amount of animal testing that goes on for superficial reasons is ridiculous- every shampoo, perfume, mascara, soap, detergent, even bleach and more that you use was probably tested on animals. Despite the fact that most of these companies already know the basic effects of their products, or have the option to create better products that don't require testing. All people need to do is buy animal friendly products only and soon enough companies will be forced to be more humane. It's not like it's asking a lot sincea lot of good mainstream products are cruelty free and they could easily look up friendly companies online, and yet most don't think 'it's worth their time'. I don't get how people can be like that.

There's a time in everyone's life where they have to learn to grow up and accept the fact that they're becoming an adult. But dammit, I am going to research colleges to apply to and do my homework while in a pillow/blanket fort, amirite?

i love how people piss themselves when someone mentions anything even remotely relevant to MLIA.
you do realize that YOU'RE the ones obsessed with it, not us?
honestly, i'm not going to erase waldo, harry potter, forts, blankets, costumes, and whatever else from my life because you pricks think it's all of a sudden 'not cool'. honestly.

cute post by the way.

It's obnoxious and condescending to put a smiley face when you're arguing with someone heatedly, Amirite?

It reminds me of those girls who get in very public fights on facebook and say stuff like 'dont flatter urself hun ;)' or 'omg your soooooooo fake!!1!one'