It's called a stop sign, and it's there for a reason. Amirite?

Wow, according to those comments, 2010 was way more fucked up than I remember.

I believe in abortion. I do not believe in abortion as a form of contraception. There's a difference, amirite?
@Of course you believe in it. You can't deny it exists; there's nothing to believe in. Belief implies it may or...

Obviously. However, anyone with basic reasoning skills would be able to devise that OP was implying he/she _believes_ it should be allowed and not simply acknowledging its existence.

Disney shouldn't make a movie about a lesbian princess. That's a conversation that a lot of parents don't want to have with their kids at princess-loving age. amirite?

After reading some the comments I think what OP meant was that they simply feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to explain what a relationship is to a child, whether it be homosexual or heterosexual. Disney movies featuring hetero couples, however, are less stressful because they depict 'normal' couples that children are used to so they're less likely to start asking questions.
The problem with your argument is that it seems to stem from you being uncomfortable discussing relationships with kids, whereas most parents (who accept homosexuality) would actually appreciate it because their child would learn from a young age 'It's OK to be gay' and it would start the conversation rather than making it awkward. I noticed you've said that Disney still shouldn't make the movie, because parents can't control everything their child watches. This is also illogical; it's a parent's responsibility to control what a child is exposed to. If we really went with that logic everything would be censored for fear of a kid somehow seeing it. You have to do your best to keep things 'inappropriate' away from kids, and if they are exposed to it, you have to deal with it like a real adult.

It's funny that some feminist extremists get angry at women for acting "girly" rather than doing things that would normally be considered masculine, amirite?

It's because they're hypocrites who like to ruin feminism for the rest of us. Women AND men should be able to do whatever they want without being pressured to conform to stereotypical gender roles- but if they happen to have a personality that fits the stereotype they shouldn't be persecuted for that, either. Live and let live, my friends.

You wish itunes puts the dates for when you download music so you can prove you knew a song long ago, amirite?

I'm just trying to picture how you could get away with that in a social situation without seeming like a douche. "Oh, you like a band that I knew about before? LET ME JUST SHOW YOU MY ITUNES SONG DATES REAL QUICK."

You watched the opening ceremony for this years Olympics, amirite?
@freddo Is it true that they heavily edited it in Americaland?

I'm not sure that they edited anything out, but they cut away a lot. For instance, when there was a moment of silence for terrorism victims NBC cut away and showed an interview with Michael Phelps and Ryan Seacrest. Also they didn't show a lot of the Arctic Monkey's performance. What they did show kind of sucked though because Meredith Viera and Ryan Seacrest were narrating and wouldn't shut up.

it really stinks when you forget to put on deodorant. amirite?
@just_lindsey what did it say? I guess I saw the post after the follow-up was taken off?

no follow up anymore. it was 'i hope people realize this pun was intended.' but apparently douchey mcdouchepants commenters were unsatisfied that, so i took it off.

Girls, at least once in your life you wish you were a guy so you could just get out of bed. and leave looking fine. amirite?

The only reason you don't look 'fine' in the morning is because we've been taught that that's not what we're 'supposed' to look like. Honestly if everyone stopped caring and telling others how to look, we'd get used to everyone being in their natural state and it would be 'acceptable' again.

When American's talk about football, they mean that silly game where fat men dress up as transformers, amirite?

... All these people getting upset over this post. I'm just confused- since when do football players look like transformers?

Some people get more undeserved opportunities than a Native American applying for college, amirite?

Native Americans are favored because they get way less opportunities in basically every other aspect of life. Most live on reservations with no stable source of income; the government it supposed to help, but instead they're forced to live with the bare minimum. The majority don't even have cars. There's even a recent issue with rapes; 1 in 3 native women are sexually assaulted and the government funded clinics that are supposed to provide emergency contraception to rape victims is actually facing accusations of refusing natives treatment. Plus the fact that settlers took their land, and murdered their families is probably a sore subject.. NATIVE AMERICANS (not 'Indians') are still feeling the affects of the abuse their ancestors felt. They deal with ridicule and open mockery of their culture, poverty, and abuse. The only chance many have for a good life is getting a higher education which they obviously can't afford. I think the least America can do is give them some scholarships, yeah?

It's OK if a girl doesn't shave any part of her body, amirite?

It's pretty messed up how many NWs there are on this post. Hair is a natural part of the body- if you don't like it, that's fine but you are not allowed to tell people what they can and can't do with their bodies- especially when the only reasoning you have is sexist as hell. If a guy doesn't shave no one would think twice but a woman is expected to spend her time, money, and effort so complete strangers can find her suitably fuckable. Anyone who genuinely believes they have a right to tell someone how to look needs to reevaluate themselves.

It's funny that some feminist extremists get angry at women for acting "girly" rather than doing things that would normally be considered masculine, amirite?
@B10ckH34d They should fight for girls to act like girls and everyone be ok with it, not to fight for girls to act like guys...

What, per se, makes a certain behavior 'girly' or 'guyish'? It's illogical to say "You like building things, which is typically connected with masculinity, therefor you're acting like a guy!" Why put gender labels on things that are androgynous? The feminist movement is about women being treated like equals regardless of their sexuality, physical appearance, interests, etc.

Everyone knows that "Single but not looking" is female for " I'm so lonely but I'm too proud to admit it.someone talk to me." If you didn't before, you do now, amirite?

no.. it kind of just means 'i'm single, but sick of relationships and just want to have fun.'

It's annoying how parents assumer you're gay/lesbian if you support gay marriage, amirite?

THANK. YOU. whenever i get into debates with my mum about it she's always like "WHAT?! ARE YOU GAY OR SOMETHING!?" it's like, no? i just want everyone to be free. fuck off.

Nowadays girls have to practically have their whole body shaved just to keep a man pleased, amirite?
@Lanz I can't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure there are plenty of guys who don't care about makeup and nails. I...

And please don't misunderstand that I think men are scum. I do not; I have guy friends and I love my father and my brother to pieces. Not to mention some of my favorite celebrities/idols are men. I'm simply addressing the fact that some men tend to expect so much out of a girl, that she actually changes her life for it. Plastic surgery, cosmetics, weightloss.. women tend to do these things in a misguided attempt to attract men, and the sad thing is is that it actually works..

That being said, men are not fully to blame here. It's not only a mixture of pressure from the opposite sex as well as societies standards, but a failure on the part of women as well. Girls shouldn't complain about having to alter themselves if they are going to follow through and do it anyway. "Shaving sucks! I hate that I have to do it" Then don't shave if you don't want to. No one is forcing you to. The only way men will be able to accept the real you is if you do as well.

Okay, I've said my peace. Sorry for the novel y'all.