It would be neat if, instead of headstones in graveyards, we planted trees with plaques. They would be more environmentally friendly and nicer to walk through, amirite?
No, it's not love. You only have a boyfriend for the sake of having a boyfriend. Grow up, amirite?

"Grow up!" yelled username 'Tinkerswift' at people she had never met before

Alcohol makes people behave like idiots. A baby makes people behave like idiots with strange voices amirite?

Why yes, my alcoholism was caused by my hatred of babies.

Nowadays girls have to practically have their whole body shaved just to keep a man pleased, amirite?

Forreals man. Girls are expected to do so much; get dressed up even if it's uncomfortable, do their hair, do their makeup, get their nails done, be virtually hairless from the neck down. What do boys do? Y'all shave and get the occasional haircut. You shut up and take what we give you, you ingrates.

Voldemort could have said, "Accio Harry Potter's clothes!" and Harry would be dragged along with them, amirite?

After reading only the first part I thought this post was gonna go is a wayyyyyy different direction..

Girls: if you found out you were pregnant today, at your current age and in your current socioeconomic situation, you would probably get an abortion, amirite?
@BeautifulNightmare Unless it was rape, then it's MY fault that I'm pregnant. I'M the one who had sex, not the baby. So I deserve the...

"If we were responsible enough to have sex, we are responsible enough to be a parent." .. No. You are treating parenthood like it's a lesson- 'This is what you get for having sex!', half the point of abortion is for people who will not be able to provide a quality life for their child. I don't care if you had sex 50 times completely unprotected while you were ovulating, if you don't have the means to provide your child with a good life, then you shouldn't have it. Anyone can have sex, but not anyone can raise a child, and do it well. "If (teen girls) have sex and get pregnant, it's their problem." Sure that's easy to say now, but try being in their shoes. Picture a 16 year old girl- had sex with her boyfriend, now she's pregnant. Although he's just as responsible as her, he bails. Her parents either don't want to help or can't afford to. She's still a kid herself and wants to live a normal life, free from the ridicule, abuse, and embarrassment that comes with teen pregnancy. If she has the kid not only will she give up on her future, but she probably can't provide a great one for them either. You still think she should have the baby? This 'punishment' is unfair and unnecessary.

Downloading music is violent, what with the ripping, burning, and syncing, amirite?

Am I the only one who got a Cosby vibe from this? "What with the ripping and the burning and the zoop zop bibbity bop!.... sweaters."

You have dragons guarding the gates of your vagina to fight off rape sperm so you don't get pregnant, amirite?

Dunno about you guys but my vagina's basically Mordor- got Orcs living in my cervix and shit.

Science teachers often get carried away and teach evolution as fact, not theory. amirite?

i love how atheists complain how religious people are with pushing their beliefs on everyone, but the second someone says something about evolution they all go batshit and start making fun of religion.
calm the fuck down people.

You have more black friends than white friends, amirite?
We should not have absolute gender equality, but functional gender equality. For example, the mother should still have an advantage fighting for custody of children, and urinals should not be outlawed (that last one is not an actual feminist argument, just an example) amirite?
@I agree completely. I'm a woman and it annoys me when women say they can do everything as good as a man. No, you...

WOMEN: We're all good at English, regardless of what language we speak, art- which is a totally subjective thing, and sewing- not crafts in general, but sewing very specifically. Our vaginas in addition to our very unique 'sewing hormones' give us our skill with a needle and thread. And the majority of what you just said is totally based on scientific evidence rather than misconceptions and thousands of years of stereotyping and enforced gender roles.

Imagine a luncatic in your house with a gun, who intends to kill everyone in your family because his faith tells him to. You have an entire wall of machine guns. No, you wouldn't try and negotiate with him peacefully, you would shoot him in the fucking face. That's why we fight wars. You can't reach an agreement with crazy people, amirite?

i neither agree nor disagree with this analogy, i would just like to point out, however, that no actually faith tells it's followers to kill others. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. are all religions that promote peace and tolerance. just because some of it's batshit followers take it out of context, that does not mean the religion is actually violent and supports violence- it mean that it, like any other faith, had radicals.

also, i don't think people we go to war with are 'insane'. they just have radically different views. who is to say who is right and who is wrong?

Snape's Mirror of Erised reflection would be almost identical to Harry's, amirite?

This is sad and all, but I seriously can't be the first person to think that Snape was blowing Harry.

When is it right for a girl to have an abortion?
@Fanatic Honestly, never. I would understand if she was raped, but if not, she should fess up and take responsibility. I...

Giving birth to a child shouldn't be treated as a 'lesson'- when someone accidentally shoots themselves do you deny them treatment because 'it's their fault'? Banning abortion is a horrible idea and no one wins in that scenario- the woman is forced to have an unwanted child which will no doubt take a huge emotional, physical and financial toll on her while the child is born into a world where they are unwanted and not provided with a loving, stable environment. "Sure, the adoption agency is horrible, but there is a chance that that child could end up in a loving family and have a great life" Yeah but realistically they won't be- the majority of kids bounce from home to home until they are of age and then tossed out to fend for themselves- there are already millions of orphaned kids. Why would you force a women to bring a child into this world knowing that's what's most likely going to happen to them? The funny thing about 'pro-lifers' is that the only 'life' they care about is that of a fetus' which isn't even alive as opposed to the women and children who are affected by this. You want to talk about taking responsibility? The only thing you seem to worry about is bringing babies into this world and don't care to think about the consequences.

So it's not okay for people to preach their religion to atheists, but somehow it seems okay for atheists to tell religious people that their beliefs are incorrect, amirite?

look, here's the fact of the matter. every group of people is going to have some assholes in it. there are going to be batshit rednecks claiming you're going to hell for not praising jesus, crazy muslims who despise non-believers, and annoying jews knocking on your door at 2 in the afternoon who won't go away until you talk to them about your beliefs.
there are also douchebag atheists so pretentious and hellbent on making any person with a non-concrete belief feel inferior that you'd like to stab them in the eye.

everyone just shut the fuck up and let people do what they want. as long as they're not hurting anyone, just let them be. jesus fucking christ. this is not a contest to see which group is douchier. because if it were, we'd all be in it.