It's annoying when pro-life people try to make pro-choice people feel bad by saying "you're lucky your parents were pro-life". Your parents decided to have you because that was their choice. People forget that choice is a two way street which can also lead women to choosing to keep the baby, amirite?
@Pug have you ever taken a science class? thats the dumbest thing i have heard. besides that point, Human life is not...

I was on your side until that comment.
If you really like life so much, shouldn't animals get that right too?

Christians: it's kind of annoying how people believe we are these horrible God-fearing people who think gays are evil and anyone who isn't christian needs to be converted. The majority of us are accepting, open minded people, amirite?
@O____o Well, you see there's this problem of 'The ones who yell loudest' The group you're describing, the one against...

Yeah, it's basically just that. It's giving certain groups a bad name because of a few extremists.

The kid who had my Biology text book two years ago died in a violent car accident November 15th along with 3 other students....

Sooyoung and Sunny have the most distinguishable looks in SNSD, amirite?

Not Sooyoung but Sunny yes.

It doesn't matter that Ben and Jerry's is so expensive because it's sooooo good, amirite?

Eh, I don't like it, and their waffle cones are disgusting. I prefer Stewarts, but it's guaranteed most people haven't heard of it.

You might mess around with a member of the same sex if you were in the mood and the conditions were just right, amirite?

Yeah, but I like girls... not that it matters in my life since no one outside the internet knows.
No vote for you since I don't think I'm your target audience, as others above me have stated.

It seems that Canada is like the US, but minus the obesity problem, drug wars, and plus healthcare and colder temperatures. Amirite?

Oh but don't forget about the bad drivers. Ever visit Montreal? I do all the time. Very scary. However, they do have better restaurants. :)

You've been embarrassed by doing something even when no one else was around, amirite?

Acting like a pop star, dancing all around my room and singing into my hairbrush to my teddy bear, then I realized my cat was watching me, so I stopped...

You still have not gotten into Pottermore, amirite?

I got in on the 19th, I think, maybe a bit later.

regardless of class, nationality, race, sexuality or age, amirite can let people agree on things that would never come up in conversation with people they wouldn't usually talk to, which is pretty cool, amirite?
@KirstenAnn We're pretty prejudiced against 12 year olds.

Anyone under 15 really... Justifiably though. Most people that age really don't sound smart... then you add the trolls and suddenly we're all idiots who don't have a single clue as to what we're talking about most of the time.

It would suck to be named Eve or Jesús around Christmas, because everyone would make annoying puns about your name, amirite?

Mary Christmas!
I did that to my friend. :)

People say that seniors and juniors are mean to freshman in high school, but in reality, the upperclassmen are usually helpful or leave you alone, and it's the sophomores that are mean, amirite?

In my school, the whole high school hates the freshman, and the whole middle school hates the 6th graders.

I made my friend exactly a month after I was born. My mom's best friend had a baby a month after my mom, and we became friends. Not including the multiple times he tried to push me down the stairs...

In the dictionary under "disappointment" is a picture of burnt cookies, amirite?

Oh wow... I completely spaced out for a second there... I thought you meant it literally... I was about to go on an online dictionary to check :/ Yeah, time for bed...

You know you're a band geek if you named your instrument, amirite?

My Viola is called "You piece of crap that I can't wait to sell to get a better one!!!"