Wife beater + Goatie + sideways hat + pants dropping + some stank cologne = 1 Douchebag, amirite?

I know "celeb" guy that wears some of those.... Spencer Pratt

Justin Bieber always has a dumb excuse. amirite?

Lol, so true. Like when he walked into the revolving door, he just HAD TO walk up to the paparazzi and tell them it was an 'accident' :/
Also when he didn't know what a German was, he HAD TO go on Twitter and make up about three excuses, haha

I'm 16, it's not THAT weird that I have a three-year-old son, a one year old daughter, and I'm one month pregnant. Amirite?

The most average age a teenager has sex is 16+. But you had sex at, like, what? 12-13??? There a many young girls turning into sluts. I think you're a slut because you've gotten pregnant when you basicly just hit puberty! I may have commented on a recent post saying teen mothers aren't sluts and that they're brave. You ARE brave but I'd call you a slut because you've gottne pregnant and decided to have sex again.... shouldn't you have leanred?

So what if my seven year old daughter has a cellphone, cusses, wears bras and a full face of makeup- she's old enough to make those decisions on her own, so people should butt out and let me parent my child! Amirite?

Erm, I think naaught :/ she was, like, a toddler, what? 4 years ago? She hasn't even hit puberty.... and that wont happen 'til a while. Someone really should get their child cared for by GROWN UPS

You eat sausages when you are angry, amirite?

My brother Juaun does the same.... but they're real ones ;D Hahaha

You eat sausages when you are angry, amirite?

lol, kust kidding -^ i did this to piss him off

It's hard to take Tyra Banks seriously. amirite?

So true! Have you seen the Soup???

Poo tastes good, amirite?

Mmm... I'm not voting 'cause I've never done it :/ so I'm guessing everyone who's voted, has (?)

Being a pregnant teenager doesn't make you a slut or a whore, it makes you a brave girl, who decided that your baby was worth the pain, ridicule, and suffering you have to go through to have him/her, Amirite?
@Mitch Being a pregnant teenager makes you a... ...whore, if you got paid for sex. ...slut, if you weren't paid for sex...

So if a girl got pregnant after the first time she ever had sex, she's a slut? I think you need to learn what that word means....

Separation of Church and State is a myth. Because of closed minded Christians gays can't marry and there are several hate crimes going unnoticed. amirite?

Yeh ok, people might use that excuse but most of the time people who want to marry animals are thought to have an illness. Men who marry young girls is just pedophilia because the child is to young to even know if they're in love. Also people that are planning on marrying their relatives are taking a risk on having children with a disorder because of the closeness they're parents have. But when people are gay, they can be any age. They can be mature enough to know what love is or not have any mental disorders. And yes it is just plain ingorant comparing the two.

Separation of Church and State is a myth. Because of closed minded Christians gays can't marry and there are several hate crimes going unnoticed. amirite?

*Their. Sorry about any errors. I'm only young but atleast I know I'm right about this.

It's normal that I fantasize about having sex with food. amirite?


You were born in 1996, amirite?

I had the most awesomest 4th birthday :D it was the 22/11/00 :D How cool would that of been(probebly not, lol)..... I'm such a dork :| lol

"Can I have your number?" "Oh sorry, I lost my phone" via Facebook mobile. Hmm... rejected, amirite?
The first thing you say at a drive-thru window is, "Lemme get uhhhhhh..." amirite?

No one really says "lemme" whenever we get takeaway in Australia. We'd say "Um, I'll have... uhhh..." ^-^