Jack White looks kind of like Johnny Depp mixed with Gerard Way, amirite?

Gerard Way is sexier though ;)

The name Harold is badass, amirite?

i like that name cuz what would his nick name be? Harry! ya know like Harry Potter!

You secretly still want a tree-house. amirite?
Tacos are a great midight snack, amirite?
@Juliaface Ice cream for breakfast kicks ass too.

well i kknow what im having for breakfast tomorrow now!XD

When listening to a song that you really like, you reach a part that gives you this feeling, almost like some kind of weird musical orgasm in a way, amirite?

haha i have an eargasm whenever i hear the part of when you're gone by avril lavigne that goes "i can hardly breath i need to feel you here with me"

When someone says bands like Black Veil Brides and My Chemical Romance are bands of the devil, have never paid attentention to the message that the lyrics have, amirite?

mcrmy forever! that band saved my life

You have a friend who never wears shorts, amirite?

i am that friend

Naming Rapunzel "Tangled" is just like naming Sleeping beauty "Coma.", amirite?

it was actually to make the movie sound more appealing to little boys

Tacos are a great midight snack, amirite?
@Juliaface Fuck yeah I never thought of that!

right i just had one n i was like awwww yeah this....is HEAVEN

On before and after shots on fitness or diet ads, in the after shot the person is always more tanned. amirite?

I was actually talking about that with my brother the other day, they also have a way better hair style every time!