You triple check your spelling and grammar when you're posting on amirite so you don't seem dumb to complete strangers who you will most likely never meet. However, when you're typing to your friends on facebook whom you see on a daily basis you type "hey bro your comin ovre latr rite" amirite?
You know that it's an amazing book when you're reading and you don't even realise you've turned the page. amirite?

Harry potter

Sometimes you are able to catch yourself before you log in to Facebook, because that isn't what you were on the computer for at all, amirite?

The only reason I disagree is because I can never catch myself :/

The most brilliant part of the Harry Potter plot is that no one can question it. For instance, if some die hard Twilight fan was like, "That makes no sense how Harry Potter came back at the end" All you have to say is "Dude, IT'S FUCKING MAGIC! btw twilight sucks." amirite?

I know, I was just trying to make fun of twilight. LOL.
Answer: A horcrux takes an "absolute force" to kill it, such as basalisk venom, cursed fire, or in Harry's case, the Aveda Kedavra spell that voldemort preformed on him at the last battle. When voldemort preformed the Avada Kedavra curse it killed the horcrux inside of him, so techinically it did require something like basilisk venom to destroy it.

Laws are stupid. People should just let murderers go free. It will help get rid of the overpopulation, and if your not smart enough to dodge a bullet, you're obviously no good to society anyways. amirite?

1. No one can dodge a bullet
2. If someone could dodge a bullet they wouldn't have to be smart... It's kind of like saying "Wow, he just discovered the cure for cancer, he must be so agile."

Its nearly impossible to be sarcastic in a whisper, amirite?

not necessarily.

This is probably going to be very controversial, but if sexualities such as gay and bi are supported, then sexualities such as pedophilia and necrophilia should be supported too, right? I'm not saying I WANT or SUPPORT pedophilia or necrophilia, and I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, but following our own rules, all sexualities should be allowed, amirite?

I'm 100% for gay rights. However, the reason I disagree with this is that necrophilia and pedophilia aren't consensual.

When you were little, you thought when you ate eggs that the yellow part was actually an undeveloped bird, amirite?
You kinda wish you could accumulate all your tooth brushing into one long session where you could just finish it all up for a lifetime, amirite?
I have a feeling that the majority of names for the next generation will either be Edward or Bella, amirite?

Yeah.. not looking forward to it myself.

You can live in a house for fifty years and you still will have to turn on five lights to find the one you're looking for, amirite?

Still a teenager buddy.

Instead of telling women how to dress so they "won't get raped", men should just simply taught to not rape. The victim is never to blame, amirite?

Ok I agree about how the victim is never to blame. But I'm confused on how you're supposed to teach men not to rape and how you're supposed to teach girls how to dress conservatively. Neither thing can be taught, it can be commanded, but that doesn't mean that anyone is going to listen.

In Flo Rida's song 'Low', he states that Shawty is wearing Apple Bottom jeans, the boots with the fur AND the Reeboks with the straps.. WHAT IS SHE, SOME KIND OF FOUR-LEGGED MORPH WOMAN? In all honesty, I'm not surprised the whole club is looking at her. amirite?

She could be wearing the shoes on her hands...

A six year old drinking coffee is pretty badass; amirite?
Saying to a gay person "You're straight, you just haven't found the right girl yet", is like saying "You're a pedophile, you just haven't found the right child yet" or "You're a cannibal, you just haven't found the best tasting flesh", amirite?

Wait are you saying all of these things to a gay person?