About me.

Hello there, my name is Sarwat.

I'm a fifteen year old Muslim-Canadian girl.

Nerdfighter, introvert, and quiet are three words I'd use to sum myself up.

Likes: writing, hockey, warm weather, Harry Potter, Smallville, reading, Dexter, Reese cups, vloggers, superhero movies, Supernatural, Batman comics.

Dislikes: Winter, stereotypes, math, science, mornings, describing myself, being forced to 'put myself out there'.

This account isn't really used often anymore, but I'm keeping it up here for the memories.

Some random facts if you've bothered to read this far

  • I'm a leftie. So my handwriting is messy.
  • I've lived in Canada my whole life.
  • I've been told I'm really funny when I start ranting.
  • I don't comment or post often, mainly because I'm shy and I'm scared of amirite hating me or something. I used to post/comment a lot in 2010, when I was 13 and really just annoying.

dftba x