You didn't spot the joke at the end, amirite? (You need to watch the screen closely)

I didn't realize it was 2005 again

It would be really awesome if you were a court judge and when you're asked for your judgement you go ahead and say " well, I'm in no place to judge...pause for 3 seconds then say quietly...yes .. yes ... i am ...mwahahaha (in a deep quiet voice)" then continue like nothing happened, amirite?

That and when I went to hit my gable I would swing down but never hit the desk but instead yell " GABLE GABLE GABLE".

You wish college wasn't such a normalized aspect of our culture, and that there were other, equally esteemed post high school options, amirite?

Honestly, I think college is stupid. It used to be awesome, but now is the age of free information. It's absolutely useless to pay money to go to a specific place to learn things that are available for free all over the internet. College is just a scam, now. You're essentially paying for the piece of paper that allows you to get a better job. What exactly makes college a better source of information on a subject than the internet? Nothing.

Nothing tastes better than skinny feels, amirite?

What are skinny feels?

American Muslims are just as much victims of 9/11 as non-Muslim Americans. Scratch that, they're more the victims because the 19 hijackers ruined the name of 2.6 Muslims living in the US, amirite?

What happened to the third Muslim to make him lose that .4?

You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
@Poz Yeah. But which method? I would hate to hang myself. I'd rather jump of a tall building

I would make a noose out of razor wire, put it around my neck and climb onto a chair. Then, I would glue my hands to my head and jump off. It would cut my head off with my hands still attached and look like I ripped my own head off. Cool, huh?

You don't understand the function of a rubber duck, amirite?

Testing for sharks in the bathtub

You don't have 150 friends, amirite?

I can count all of my friends on one hand. While it's in a fist.

It's sad that a sweet botfriend is now seen as being cliche, amirite?

Remember Smarterchild? He was a sweet botfriend..

Starbucks has misspelled your name at least once, amirite?

They spelled it as Swarley once.

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You hate it when you begin kissing your husband and he transforms into a teenage ginger you don't know. amirite?

Try being the teenage ginger.
Bloody hell, that was awkward.

Psychics: amirite?

Now wonder I was so confused at first. I read it as "Physics." xD