Ella Enchanted would be totally screwed over if she lived nowadays, amirite?

I never understood why someone didn't tell her "Ella, don't do anything unless you want to."

Whenever they have a ginger in a movie, it's always their mom with the red hair, never the dad. amirite?

That's cuz it's been proven that redheaded women are found much more attractive than redheaded men
and yeah you know how they always make people in movies attractive

Darth Vader would beat Voldermort in a fight. Voldermort's biggest trick is Avada Kedavra, which can be dodged.

Avada Kedavra may be his deadliest spell (lol), but its nowhere near being his "biggest trick"...he can do magic that could do all sorts of things to Darth Vader that don't involve a single dodgeable jet of light.

One of your favorite hobbies is hiding from your responsibilities and being a unreliable scumbag, amirite?

Len, man, you're on a roll

Everything that has raisins in it would be better if the raisins were M&Ms. For example, a box of raisins, amirite?

choc-oat chip cookies are amazing :P

Common sense is like deodorant, those who need it the most don't use it, amirite?

people need it BECAUSE they don't use it...

You never really knew Crabbe and Goyle apart, amirite?

I alwats liked Goyle better. For no reason. Confirmed instincts when Cravbe feindfyered the room of requirement.

As a predator how would you even go about killing a giraffe? amirite?

A giraffecankill a lion with one kick. Id just not go for said giraffes.

If potatoes that are mashed can be called mashed potatoes, then guacamole should be called mashed avocados, amirite?

Guacamaole has a ton of stuff in it other than just avocado: lemon juice, salt, pepper, onions, sometimes tomatoes or mangos, anything

You've heard a song that is so familiar, that even though it may be a "new" release, you still feel like you've heard it before, amirite?

Just happened to me with SHMs new song, 'dont you worry child'. Go listen; its good! :)

My rowing coach once said that africans were fast runners because they were always running away from lions and tigers that were trying to eat their children.

He was joking...i think

Valentine's day and Christmas are not too different. They both come from a nice back story (St. Valentine and the birth of Christ) and they both are about giving and showing love to the ones that you care about. They are also greatly commercialized nowadays. So why is it that people love Christmas and hate Valentine's day? Even if you aren't with someone you can still celebrate love.

Because the name "Valentine's Day" suggests that you need a Valentine, or a special someone, obviously typically romantically, to celebrate it.

Anti-jokes are sometimes funnier than real jokes nowadays. Example: Helen Keller walks into a bar. Then a table. Then a door. Amirite?

knock, knock.

who's there?

not susie.

Even though you know you shouldn't, you feel a little bit bad when you vote No Way on a post, amirite?

Shouldn't feel bad, not shouldn't vote No Way, sorry I should have made that clearer

Why is it that just about every book that takes place in the future is dystopian, and therefore most of the characters hate how the world has turned out to be? Just once I'd like to see a utopian book that takes place in the future where almost everything is different than it is now, where all the characters are happy about everything that's going on, amirite?

Its also because it's extremely difficult to think of a successful utopian society that is also somewhat realistic