They say Disney is the happiest place on earth.. obviously they've never been in your arms, amirite?
The Sims 2 was better than the Sims 3, amirite?
You feel sorry for people named after Harry Potter or Twilight characters, amirite?
You are not a morning person, amirite?

I wake up at 5:30

Twilight fans are obnoxious, but Harry Potter fans are completely acceptable. Amirite?

anyone who compliments themselves in their posts are obnoxious, amirite?

Girls like guys who like harry potter, amirite?
@this person obviously meant "girls that aren't shallow bitches like guys who like harry potter."

Have you seen the Harry Potter fans on this site, we are not shallow compared to you guys

I'm rooting for Spain but Germany is probably gonna win this match, amirite?

Spain won, yay

I haven't watched or read Twilight or New Moon. You haven't either (I hope not), amirite?

read it and watched's not that bad. Those people just overreact.

People watching the Spain vs. Germany match! Comment and say where you're from, and what time it is over there, and which team you support(just for fun)! :D, amirite?

Spain, South Africa (where the world cup is ) and 20:30

Anime, cause nothing's better than poor acting and reading subtitles, amirite?

Not all are poor acting.Have you seen Inuyasha or Death Note?

Dear Harry Potter fans:People who live in glass houses mustn't throw stones.
Before you call Twilight gay, you should remember that Dumbledore is gay and J.K.Rowling actually said that. amirite?
If Cinderella's slipper fitted perfectly, why did it fall off? amirite?
We may be Twilight fans,but not all of us are pathetic and pine for Edward or Jacob. amirite?
@wobbuffet Why else would you be a Twilight fan? Surely not for the compelling story or beautiful writing.

I liked the plot. What makes you think we are all stupid. You just read MLIT too much.

Twilight is the better series because Edward likes Bella for who she is in the INSIDe, but Ron only likes Hermione because Emma Watson is pretty, but really she's just a slut, amirite?
You have killed at least 1 of your sims on purpose, amirite?

I prefer fire,its fast yet funny
@345909 (Anonymous):I tried that, it,s kinda slow
@345904 (Anonymous): yup,we are totally evil