Mosquitoes are probably the only animal that most people agree its OK to kill in any way necessary, amirite?

One of the only insects we could annihilate with little repercussion

If you're a hot girl you can drive the ugliest car in the world and no guy bats an eye but a hot guy driving a POS is a failure. amirite?

Hollywood 101

Humans are the only dominant species that bitch about their existence. They're also the first dominant species capable of bitching about their existence. amirite?

How do you know? Are you Dr Dolittle? Pretty sure some killer whales in captivity might disagree with you.

billionaires must scoff at the risks that criminals in movies take to steal 25-30m. amirite?

"Ah yes, I remember my first robbery, fortunately I stole Steve Job's bank account information!"

Superhero movies teach us that it's okay to kill people, as long as we deem them ‘bad' first. amirite?

I've always lived by this rule, Hollywood movies or no

Your marriage is a joke when your marriage can't take a joke. amirite?
Live Reactions to Porn might exists out there, amirite?

Sorry not just might, it indeed exists

It's sad how as you get older and listen to more and more music there are probably songs you loved/still love from years ago that you simply forgot about and may never hear again. amirite?

It's always the song that you USSED TO KNOOOW!

Homosexuality is most likely humanity's natural form of population control. amirite?
@Trashy21 How do you explain homosexual animals that their species are endangered or nearly extinct

Well you don't explain and hope that a mutation appears and help them counteracts the extinction. Plus I am pretty sure some species have back up plans if that happens (like clown fish that can change sex if needed)

Side note : I am not an expert, but "too much homosexuals" is rarely (likely never) the reason a species is endangered, so even if you find a way to make homosexuals animals work toward reproduction, it will practically never save the species

Mankind will become extinct not from lack of food or water but lack of empathy. amirite?

Dont threaten me with a good time bud

Wear, share, and pair rhyme, but ear, are, and air do not, amirite?
Scientists may discover tomorrow that a universe-destroying cataclysm 1 billion light years away happened 1 billion years ago. amirite?

I think we'd all discover that.

Your marriage is a joke when your marriage can't take a joke. amirite?
People who fail to use turn signals won't even lift a finger to be safe. amirite?

I have known three young men who insisted they didn't need to use turn signals because "nobody needs to know my business." Like I have heard that verbatim three different times from dudes who didn't know each other. Unreal.

Grandparents want grandchildren for the same reason children want pets: all of the fun and none of the responsibility. amirite?

Actually you just want to fulfill your evolutionary duty