You technically are born at a very young age because it took months for you to develop, amirite?
Things that we eat could have been someone's excrement, amirite?

My nephew was eating wild blackberries that were growing above our septic tank the other day.

Someone has accurately predicted their spontaneous death to the second and didn't get to tell anyone about their amazing prediction, amirite?
@freq432 How far in advance are we talking about? There's tons of people who've seen their own death coming right before...

Right so when I say spontaneous I'm talking like you're paying for sunflower seeds at the gas station and say "hey wouldn't it be crazy if I died right now" then a car comes crashing in through the front doors and kills you. Basically, think of those random ass deaths you've seen videos of. Right before the death happens, what if the person said, "lol imagine I died right now" and then boom. This exact scenario could have happened before but unfortunately, dead men tell no tales

The world has been told to wash their hands regularly and be extra cautious around others. But instead humans have decided they need to buy enough toilet paper to build a toilet paper kingdom and this will somehow save them. amirite?

Unless there is a fire...

Your digestive system just mixes solid smoothies. It's a solid-smoothie maker, amirite?

It makes soft serve!!!

More house pets probably die directly from lethal injection rather than natural causes due to more owners opting to euthanize them. amirite?
@Then why don't we do it for humans

Euthanasia/assisted suicide is legal in many states.

If man born in 1780 lived to 120 and then fathered a child who lived to be 120, that child would still be alive today, amirite?

This guy maths.

We take for granted the fact that messages like texts and emails are reliably delivered to the person you sent them to. amirite?
@I know... I dont know why I try getting away with lying about it... its not a valid excuse.

I have this deep fear that one day a message of questionable appropriateness destined for my wife gets randomly sent to someone else in my contact list from a software bug.

And then there is my husband who turns down the volume so he can hear himself park

When you write with a pen on your notebook,ink makes it heavier. amirite?

Depending on the thickness of the paper, it could also make it more massive to a degree considering the pressure applied to the page.

Learning is fun.

You are almost certainly inhaling the air you just exhaled, amirite?

Unless your walking.

Mike Tyson was the Diego Maradona of boxing, amirite?
@KilljoyX Very very solid comparison

I can't believe it's taken me all these years to see it

Once your hobby becomes a job, it's boring, amirite?

Once you become responsible for something it becomes work rather than pleasure.

Tables just elevate items so we can reach them while sitting, amirite?