arkansas is technically (kansas)-1, amirite?
Puzzles are a scam. You already have the end result before you even start. amirite?

that's so true oh my

You technically are born at a very young age because it took months for you to develop, amirite?
Things that we eat could have been someone's excrement, amirite?

My nephew was eating wild blackberries that were growing above our septic tank the other day.

Unironically lot of people probably know the lyrics to Rickroll. amirite?
Wonder if hot dogs triggered flashbacks to WW1 vets. amirite?

Hot dogs is a de-Germanic action of the word "frankfurter" to keep selling the sausage during Ww1

Someone has accurately predicted their spontaneous death to the second and didn't get to tell anyone about their amazing prediction, amirite?
@freq432 How far in advance are we talking about? There's tons of people who've seen their own death coming right before...

Right so when I say spontaneous I'm talking like you're paying for sunflower seeds at the gas station and say "hey wouldn't it be crazy if I died right now" then a car comes crashing in through the front doors and kills you. Basically, think of those random ass deaths you've seen videos of. Right before the death happens, what if the person said, "lol imagine I died right now" and then boom. This exact scenario could have happened before but unfortunately, dead men tell no tales

The world has been told to wash their hands regularly and be extra cautious around others. But instead humans have decided they need to buy enough toilet paper to build a toilet paper kingdom and this will somehow save them. amirite?

Unless there is a fire...

Your digestive system just mixes solid smoothies. It's a solid-smoothie maker, amirite?

It makes soft serve!!!

Even if we find intelligent life on another planet, they will be so far away that any signal we send would take millions of years to arrive there. amirite?

Just send the message with same day delivery

Everyone has a personal threshold of how much paper stuck to food is acceptable to eat the food anyway. amirite?

My personal threshold is 0 visible paper.

An often symptom a being dumb is the lack of realizing that you're a dummy. amirite?

Until the dummies learn about the Dunning-Krueger effect. Then they'll believe they are dummies because that would mean they actually aren't

Ethan Hawke is Ben Stiller for non-comedic roles. amirite?

as Ben stiller is Tom Cruise for comedic roles.

The blind are the easiest to purge, amirite?
@Tuggspeedmen The blind should lead the blind

lead the blind, the blind should.


(Commands: 'opt out', 'delete')

People complain that everything is always broken and doesn't last forever and then those same people get mad that it won't break down on its own when people do make it last, amirite?

I don't think that those people are the same people.