What about the rights the baby has to its body? I'm sure if it had the choice it would choose life over death. I can't see how getting stretch marks, gaining weight, stretching out a vagina or affecting your bladder are justification for taking away someone's life and rights.


She's not being oppressed by the government, she's not being tortured by the government, she's a victim of circumstance if she got pregnant when she didn't want a baby. (A circumstance she created). You argued in the post that sex is a way to blow off steam or connect with someone they love, which I agree with, but just because something is used for fun doesn't mean you aren't responsible for the consequences. You're basically implying that if an engineer accidentally creates an unstable building and it collapses, killing people, he's not responsible because it wasn't his intent to kill people.

In addition, again, I'm not saying the fetus should have MORE rights than the woman, I'm saying it should have EQUAL rights.

It's not a war against women, there are plenty of women who are pro-life. You talk about a fetus like it's an insect who doesn't deserve a say, like it doesn't deserve rights, which is just not the case. America is supposed to be about freedom, about defending the defenseless, which is exactly what I'm doing.

Saying that making abortion illegal sets us back hundreds of years is baseless. You have no evidence whatsoever to support your claim.

I think all artists have something not quite normal going on in their brain. Why else would we focus specifically on one subject or have unique styles. As artists we see the world differently than others. amirite?

Well, you could argue that about everybody! Everyone sees the world differently based on their experiences and how they respond to those experiences, that's what makes other people so interesting :) Although, I do think a lot of artists have a cool way of showcasing their views through their art.


Okay, even if it's not malicious are you saying that you support homicide? The fetus is just as human as the 2 year old. Sure the 2 year old doesn't count on the mother anymore but it's still 100% dependent on SOMEONE with much more work tied to it than just carrying it in your body.

You appreciate it when a school/team does not use the traditional red and/or blue as its team colors, amirite?

Junior high was maroon, high school is teal... no college yet!

When you are giving variables letters you use x first, amirite?

I usually use letters that are relevant to the variables in the question.

@It's not a baby yet, it is still a fetus. It cannot talk, see, hear, etc. For a long time after it is conceived...

I don't see how talking, seeing or hearing affects the humanity of a fetus. That's implying that blind, deaf, or mute people are less human than someone without those deficits. In addition, if someone was unfortunate enough to lose their sight, hearing and speech they somehow wouldn't be human anymore?

To all pro-life believers: The argument I most hear from is: "how would you feel if you were the one being killed". Well how would you feel if abortion didn't exist, and many more babies were born into the world of poverty. If the mom can't afford to keep the baby, isn't it better she abort it then to create a human who won't get to enjoy it's life? Amirite?

How can you say they won't be happy in a life of poverty? Quality of life depends just as much on who you are as it does on what you have. Why should we get to decide if a person can or can't escape poverty, or be happy living in a life of poverty without giving them a chance to live?

City Lights, amirite?

You missed the part at the start, like TommyUK1234 said, it's not asking if city lights are more beautiful than start. It's actually asking: if you think city lights are more beautiful than stars, were you made for the city?

Just because a movie gets bad reviews doesn't mean you shouldn't see it, amirite?

Well, reviews can be helpful if you're trying to pick between movies you want to see in theaters and ones you'd be willing to wait for. Movie theater prices are really expensive these days!

Rhianna stole "shine bright like diamonds in the sky" from Anjelah Johnson
@I mean nothing against the blind, deaf, disabled, etc.. I was trying explain that a recently conceived fetus is not...

Well, the fetus is responsive to touch after eight weeks and at least is experiencing at that point, earlier on the zygote is still alive and responding to the environment. Memories also shouldn't be considered in conferring humanity as that would imply that people who experience any form of memory loss have their humanity erased.


The government still isn't forcing her to do anything but take responsibility for her actions. I think my comparison was pretty good, considering I didn't say he'd get charged with murder, I was saying he'd be responsible and you agree that he would be charged.

There is only one fundamental right, the right to your own life. All other rights are built upon that and once you take away the base, everything on top crumbles to the ground. The mother is taking away the most fundamental right of life from the baby.

Just because it WAS illegal doesn't mean we were right to make it legal. In ancient times, homosexuality was legal and also very common, then it was made illegal, but that doesn't mean it's wrong to make it legal again.

You're replaceable in your job and in the majority of your relationships you're replaceable, it's kind of a bleak outlook but it also reminds you to appreciate your status in life and more importantly, it's the truth, amirite?

Thinking that way could also inspire you to have more of an impact on people around you!

The Internet one day will have replaced reality in so many respects that Internet addiction will lead to a large portion of- if not the majority of- deaths in developed nations, amirite?

This kind of reminds me of the Pendragon series, in one of the books there's a civilization that created a virtual reality you could control and make it whatever you wanted, people got so addicted that they abandoned things that were necessary in real life like growing food. It's interesting to think about, but I don't it would really happen.