You've tried to make yourself throw up at least once, just out of curiosity, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter I wanted to stay home from school.

Me too. But I was too scared to use my finger so I just drank a cup of salt water.

You could probably really go for a mound of bacon smothered in maple syrup right now...and you just started salivating, amirite?

Wtf who eats bacon and maple syrup TOGETHER?

It's annoying when people tell obese girls that they're perfect "just the way they are." If no one ever tells them, they won't do anything to lose weight/get healthier. amirite?

I agree but my problem is how people approach an obese person to tell them they need to get help. I saw a comment that said it will lower their self esteem. That can be avoidable depending on how you tell them. Saying "Ew, you're so fat. You need to go eat a salad" isn't helping. Saying something like "You should try to eat healthier" when you see them eating McDonald's or something is a lot better.

Even though you're absolutely sure that there's nothing in your refrigerator, you still check it at least 20 times before just ordering a pizza, amirite?

I usually have something but I'm too lazy to cook.

Sometimes it's cool to be exotic or biracial because people try to guess what you are, amirite?

I'm black and Puerto Rican and people always ask me what race I am. My sister looks Puerto Rican and my brother looks black and I'm just a weird mix of the two.

It's quite disturbing that the main characters of Spongebob are each inspired on one of the 7 deadly sins, amirite?

Spongebob is lust but not in the sexual sense. Lust - An overwhelming desire or craving. He craves to be the best fry cook and gets mad at himself when he is anything less so he qualifies as lust.

Vous avez utilisé Google Translate ou certains autre site Internet de langue récemment, amirite?

Well I used it about 5 seconds ago to understand this post.

Tons of people aren't going to understand this post now that the strikes are gone.


There's strike's through all the words...

The new Spy Kids movie looks kinda lame, amirite?

Yeah but it's kinda cool that they give you a little scratch-n-sniff card to smell at certain times during to movie along with the 3D.

If you ever want to say "I don't know" without sounding stupid just say: "I hesitate to articulate in fear I may deviate upon the highest degree of accuracy", amirite?

Got this from a joke app.

It's quite disturbing that the main characters of Spongebob are each inspired on one of the 7 deadly sins, amirite?


You find it extremely awesome that CNN calculated how much it would cost to attend Hogwarts in actual money, amirite?