There is a singer that whenever you hear him/her their voice gives your ears an orgasm, amirite?

Darren Criss ._.

You hate it when you hear a really good song in a commercial or movie and cant find the name of it, amirite?

I always google the lyrics.

My teacher should be fired for calling the entire class a bunch of idiots, amirite?

If I were a teacher I'd do the same thing.

It is kinda weird to know that someone else in another part of the world is doing the exact thing you are doing right now, amirite?

Someone else is fucking my girlfriend?!

No matter who you are lesbian porn is better than gay porn, amirite?

I like both...

In The Deathly Hallows when they were looking for the Horcruxes, Harry should have just ditched Ron and Hermione and brought along a few Hufflepuffs, amirite?

I FIND this post hilarious!

You still have not gotten into Pottermore, amirite?

Hooray for not being a bundle of twigs.

Breaking a mirror is 7 years of bad luck? Well breaking a condom is 18. amirite?
Sonic commercials used to be cool, but now they've gotten annoying and obnoxious, amirite?

Especially when there's not any Sonics where you live...

Most of the time, if a girl kisses a girl, it's to get attention from a guy, amirite?

Well when I kiss a girl it's cause she's my girlfriend...

I think it's weird how they made a spongebob episode about spongebob becoming a lifeguard at a beach where he's protecting peoples lives from drowning. How can they drown when they're already underwater and even weirder is at the end of the episode spongebob and patrick say they cant swim.. O____o, amirite?

At first I read that as, "How can they drown when they're already in underwear"

There is nothing better than that feeling of triumph you get when you can sing every single word to a song you haven't heard in years, amirite?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

You'd nearly have a heart attack if you were alone in a dark computer room, at night, separate from your house, and you heard what sounded like a doll speaking in a high pitched voice right outside the window which is about a foot next to you, amirite?

Now I'm scared. I'm laying in bed, which is right next to my window. Fuck.

As a teenager, you know your relationships aren't going to work out in the end, but you still feel bad when they don't. Amirite?
It'd be really weird if animals were like pokemon in that they said their names instead of making sounds. So instead of going "Meow" a cat would walk around going "CAAAAAAT! CAAAAAT! CATCATCATCAT!" Amirite?

How would that be offensive?