you would eat a bucket of KFC at a PETA rally, amirite?

One time I was muching away on a hamburger and the PETA member comes out of his way to slap the shit out of my burger during a rally. He then babbled on about how the cow in that burger was abused and shit. I then punched the fucker in the face. I understood his opinion, but that was an expensive burger.

Alien Ant Farm's version of Smooth Criminal just seems better than M.J.'s, amirite?

Alien Ant Farm: Our only good song is a cover of an already famous song.

Wet t-shirt contests in the North Pole are probably a bad idea,amirite?

Then guys and girls will be able to use the "its cold out here" excuse.

You wonder why people tell you if you ever encounter a bear to stay still and act like you are dead... I mean, if I was a bear the first thing that will come to my mind is "awesome, now i don't have to go looking for food", amirite?

Then your intelligence is below that of a bear's. They don't eat you because the bears thinks you were killed by disease and thus you are contagious. Still found it funny so I up'd it

You appreciate Dippin Dots for making an ice cream that doesnt end in a "sticky" situation, but you still prefer the real thing. amirite?

Is it weird that when you put sticky in quotation marks, I assumed it was dirty pun?

Alcohol is much more dangerous than marijuana, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter Only because it's illegal then.

Look, alcohol and drugs are both bad. Trying to justify one by demeening the other does not make it right. Both alcohol and drugs are bad on a personal and grander scale. Marijuana is bad, m'kay?. Like smoking cigarettes. It cause pulmonary diseases and a buch of other stuff.

If evolution's real, then why is holding poop in easier than holding pee in? Poop has lots of bacteria that can kill you, but pee doesn't have anything (unless you have a bladder infection), amirite?

Obviously, you can't hold your shit in. I mean, it's practically spewing out from your mouth.

Time language is stupid. Don't say "12 'til 10." Say fucking 9:48, amirite?

I only use within a 10 or 15 Minute range of the hour such as

12:15 = 15 after or 15 after 12

I have never heard anyone say 16 til 5. That's stupid.

Californians: All the east-coasters getting freaked out are hilarious, amirite?

For californians, our alarm clocks are earthquakes.

The blood you smell when someone you're crushing on has a bad argument with their partner is one of the sweetest and most exciting aromas known to humankind, amirite?

Trying too hard to be Twilight... or just stupid.

Ummm you must listen to a lot of radio rap. Try The Roots. They are phenomenal.

Even though they melt your brain a little, paradoxes are superior to all other literary devices, amirite?

This statement is false.

Obama is a pedophile, amirite?

Just because he said that was a good-looking kid doesn't mean he is a pedophile. He is just nice.

If you don't understand a post on a website, you go to the comments section to see if someone explained it or if there's someone like you who didn't get it, amirite?
@Roy I don't get it....?

And this year's most predictable comment award goes to... opens envelope.... Nayr!

Though the rioters in London do have the right to protest, they don't need to riot and are making themselves look like delinquent bastards. amirite?
@MonkeyBubbleWrap WARNING: Don't watch if lighthearted. It gets pretty disgusting.

Youtube has a lot of videos on the riots. Most fo them are pretty gruesome.