You can breathe underwater by putting some plants in your gas tank, amirite?

This totally works fine no problem

If you stood on the north or south pole and ran in circles you're technically time traveling, amirite?

Moving at 1 second per second to a different time zone is not time traveling.

In a comedy movie, the retakes/bloopers are more funnier than the whole movie itself. amirite?

True - unless you watch them before you've seen the movie

We won't be able to recognize our own skeleton. amirite?
We're hanging from a spherical space object by our feet, with nothing but gravity keeping us from floating away into the great infinite abyss. amirite?

There has to be more to this simulation tell me please

If you ever want to slightly spam/annoy some one, mess up a text message on purpose and try to fix possibly making more mistakes, amirite?
A near-empty phone battery causes more panic than a near-empty gas tank, amirite?

Situational, but more or less agreeable

If you're trapped on an island with someone you hate at least you have something to eat. amirite?
@How in the hell am I supposed to eat myself?

Start with your fingers, one at a time :) /s

‘Day After Tomorrow' is going to happen. In different ways and in different places-but it's happening. Have you ever in your lifetime witnessed so many natural disasters occur so closely together? Neither have your parents or grandparents. amirite?
If two people are in love with each other the most probable reason they don't tell each other is that the girl is waiting for a sign from the boy which he won't give unless the girls gives. amirite?

Basically just described every romance comic ever.

Doors are hard curtains, amirite?
If humans didn't exist cats wouldn't know what tuna tases like. amirite?
We tell kids to follow their dreams and then criticize them for getting "useless" degrees. amirite?

Cries in culinary cert

We are the same distance to 2050 as the release date of straight outta compton, amirite?

Gen X. You are born then straight outta nowhere you die

If the Amazon's on fire, how come packages are still arriving, amirite?

Rule 5

"No jokes, puns, or wordplay"