About me.

For starters, my name is Alice. I'm 14 :) and i go to school with Smiillleey

I love singing and acting. I'm in my schools chorus,and a select group.
Theres tons of music artists that i like, but typing tires me and i always have typos so i'm not going to even try...
I am tiny, but fierce ;) ( 5'3 98 lbs to be exact) so dont mess with me or my friends
If you diagree with me and we debate, I won't stop until yo walk away or surrender

If you tell me about a cool song, or a video of you singing or w.e. I'll listen and get back to you.
Also I play the piano and love it :)
I have the capability to make any situation awkward ....just ask Smiiillleey
Smiiillleey is my best friend,, so shes a pretty cool cat haha ;)

I am one of the most uncoordinated people in the world ( all fragile objects beware...)
The only sport that I'm good at is soccer, so i play almost the whole year
Yes i have freckles, no my hair isn't red, are you blind?

And im pretty much a spazz and i say what i want. you don't like it. then leave.
If you follow me, I'll return the favor, simple as that.