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@Dudekayy why should I do as you say? You could never find out where I live, so you shut up.

What the fuck is wrong with you? What are you guys even arguing about? Just shut the fuck up.

Saxophones should be renamed "sexophones," amirite?
@TheWeasel Saxophone players scare me. My one weakness. I think we should just destroy all saxophones.

You should be scared. One day we will rise up, destory all other instruments and rule the world! Muah ha ha!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer id libero a neque tincidunt iaculis, amirite?
@Dudekayy nothing is wrong with us, I really don't remember but I think it's very fun since I'm pissing him off.

Well, it's kinda pissing me off because every time you post a comment I get a notification.

This is America and we speak American, amirite?

No, this is SPARTA!

... I'm sorry.

Harry Potter nerds > Star Wars nerds, amirite?

Eric Foreman would disagree.

It took Harry Potter seven, extremely long, books to get the bad guy. It only takes Scooby Doo 25 minutes. amirite?
@wobbuffet Um...they are pretty damn long.

They're only a couple hundred pages. That's not that long.

Babies are cute until they poop, amirite?

Or vomit...


It's awkward when you take your dog for a walk and they go to the bathroom in someone else's yard, amirite?

It's even worse if there are other people outside and they see it :

Homework is a waste of time, amirite?

It's to re-enforce every thing that you learned that day.

And there are too many anti-homework posts. Be more original, please.

You didn't know they are making a Fairly Odd Parent movie using real people, like Drake Bell for Timmy. Now you are extremely excited. amirite?

I knew that already! I feel special _^

The average person just cannot kiss their own elbow, amirite?

My friend can.

Pins and Needles is THE WORST and most ANNOYING pain you'll ever have, amirite?

The most annoying, yes. The worst...no.

you wish you could have a sleepover with your friends of the opposite gender without it being a big deal, amirite?

I kinda have. I slept over my best friend's house and her brother had a friend sleep over and he was our friend too. It was really fun :D

all of you who have a three year old child in your life agree that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is annoying as hell amirite?

Not as annoying as watching Annie a thousand times every day, my little sister is obsessed. But yeah, that show is pretty annoying.

Sometimes I hate it when it rains, I just think about those people who has no home and is struggling. amirite?

I think about that every time is gets really cold D: