Would you rather have million in cash and no friends or have friends but no money??

Friends, but no money

More "proof" that science is just as unreliable as religion. This study used as a "control subject" a dead fish. The dead fish could recognize and respond to expressions of human emotion. A dead fish! How can you support any "scientific truth" when there is abundant evidence for my contention that knowledge is impossible.

How do I fucking Agree or Disagree?!?

What would your ''last words'' be?

I tried. . .

Last year's January. I've never been so despaired in my life to this day. I cried in our family's store so hard I actually sobbed loudly. . .

Who started the so-called "east coast west coast rivalry" and who actually killed Tupac and Biggie small? and does it exists in these days?

The media. Watch "Beef", a documentary on hip-hop rivalries. You'll learn a lot!

What's your favorite computer game?
Are video games good for you?
Can computer games be designed to deliver education in an effective manner?
How much do you like music?

A lot less than I used to. . .

Can you live a happier life with less stuff?
Is the population becoming more stupid?


How many grooves are there on an LP record?

less than 7?

sometimes we feel so alone and unwanted even among a huge crowd of people whom you know!! this feeling sucks seriously! what can you do to help yourself!!

If you feel unwanted - you aren't wanted. Go and find someone who want your company

How do you show your identity to the world?

You don't!

How would you film a TV pilot?

With cameras!