It's silly how women want men to read their minds. I mean, it's like expecting an English major to read shit like Twilight or Harry Potter. There's much better stuff out there, amirite?
@Statefarm My 7th grade English teacher really loved Twilight.

@name: Not all teachers think the epitome of work is at highschool >_>

It really pisses you off when you tell your friends your unborn babys name and they steal it for their dog, especially if you're female, amirite?

I'm so tired that I read "unborn baby" as "unicorn baby."

Its a terrible feeling when a stupid person peer-edits your multi-paragraph essay and the only correction on is a typo, amirite?

is on
*am I right

Just because I'm not fat doesn't mean I can't be insecure about my body, amirite?

Oh my god, thank you so much for posting this, it literally just made my day. I have some friends who are slightly overweight and they always go on about their insecurities, and when I mention mine they all look at me like I'm not allowed to be insecure too because I'm thinner than them. I also hate it how no one would ever say to someone 'you're too fat' because that would be so offensive, yet people find it acceptable to say 'you're too skinny' when they don't actually realise that it can be offensive also. I wish I could gain weight but I can't, and I get so insecure about how I look. I wish more people would realise that.

Dear Viagra, I don't need a pill for a 4 hour boner. A pill for a 10 minute boner will be more than enough. Thank you, amirite?

If you can't keep it up by yourself for 10 minutes, then you probably really need Viagra. Or if 10 minutes is enough, then you must not last long.