Intolerance of other peoples intolerance is intolerant. Amirite?

It is intolerant, but it isn't necessarily bad. If people discriminate against someone because they're different and they don't tolerate them, it's not bad for me to stand up to that person. But yes, technically it's intolerant.

You have no choice in what you believe.Any belief depends on your reaction to what you are exposed to&these reactions cannot be controlled

You can control your reactions

The US claims to have separation of church and state but in reality that's all but eroded away after decades and decades of abuse. It's time to get back to basics, so to speak, and remove religion for the government once and for all.
@CherryBlossom Religion is removed from the government. The church isn't the head of state (like it is in England), and the pope...

Of course religious people have the right to vote, but at the same time they should be aware that their individual religious values apply to them and not the entire country, and government should be run with that understanding.

It would be impossible to end discrimination without creating a world where everyone is exactly the same. Humans are hardwired to fear and hate that which is different, and so we will always find the littlest things to discriminate against. Therefore, movements to end discrimination simply push the focus of extremist groups onto another minority in a seemingly endless cycle. Even when most people have learned to accept each other, there will always be groups whose purpose is to spread hate. amirite?

I'd say that people are born not understanding differences, but the proper education and parenting can show kids that differences aren't something to hate. I'm not saying we'll eliminate discrimination, but we can try, and it's all worthwhile.

If God was really so moral, why would he sentence millions of Atheists to hell for simply using logic? It just doesn't make sense.. amirite?

I've always thought that if there is a god, it wouldn't matter if you believed in it, but how you were as a person. Idk though, no one really can.

The difference between a religion and a cult is popularity. amirite?

Cults generally don't result in mass suicides either. The word "cult" just has a negative connotation.

The key to life is realizing it’s not locked. amirite?

How oblivious of you.

Americans; deep deep down you really are proud to be American. amirite?

I'm glad for the life I have because I know it's better than most, partly because of where I was born. That doesn't mean I should be proud to be born where I was. If you think pride is about nationality, you're wrong.

You've always wanted to become a regular at a cafe or something so when you take your order you can just be like 'the usual', amirite?

One of the waiters at Buffalo Wild Wings knows my usual. yum smilie

The best doctor in the world is the veterinarian. He can't ask his patients what's wrong- he has to infer, amirite?

That doesn't make him a better doctor, it just makes his job harder.

You think terrorists are wrong however, if their radical ideas just so happened to put an end to toddler pageant shows, and kidnapped the mothers of "toddler's and tiara's" and placed them in a burlap sack, in a cave, somewhere outside Kabul, than you might reconsider their place in this world, amirite?

Technically if the result of the act causes happiness to people like you, then by definition it isn't terrorism.

What do you have to gain by pretending an airplane is a shooting star? Its either a flying metal crate with people in it or a flaming ball of space crap, how the hell does that get you a wish? amirite?
If you could go back in time to kill one person, you wouldn't choose to kill Hitler, you would kill Abraham, as he led to the formation of the three religions most responsible for wars and massacre-related events. With the consequential disappearance of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, you would not only be preventing the Holocaust in this fashion, but loads of other events such as 9/11, the Crusades and the Inquisition, amirite?

Time travel is such an interesting concept that we don't really know what would happen. For all we know someone else could come along and create similar religions.

Anyone interested in time travel should read this:

I just stole a load of inflatables from the swimming pool, police are after me. I'm going to have to lilo, amirite?

It's really not that bad, I think the problem is most people haven't heard that word before.

Really, nobody should make money off of music because it encourages people to be lazy and not try in school, amirite?

A lot of the best musicians are ones that actually got a good education and are incredibly smart.