I think it's cruel to keep animals on display in a zoo for human amusement and profit. These animals are basically being kept in cages, and while their habitats may be spacious, they are nowhere near as large as the territory that animal would have had in the wild.

As someone who works at a zoo, the view in this post is one meant for zoos of the past or not in the U.S. Modern zoos are major advocates for environmental conservation and animal welfare, and the majority of animals on exhibit are rescued ones that would not survive in in the wild, and most of the rest are part of an endangered species breeding program. But ALL the animals are meant as animal ambassadors to represent their species to zoo guests, so that they can make a real life connection with the animals and become aware of the problems they face such as poaching, pollution, etc. And all are treated with the utmost of care, having the best of food and playful mental stimulation. I know some of this was repeated above, but it is true.

You tend to only read books that are in a series, amirite?
@sighcantthinkofaname If you voted YYA you're really missing out. Some of my favorite books are single books, and end well so they would...

I didn't really mean that I'm bound by series, I have many favorite single books as well. It just happens that the majority of books that I read are part of a series. My post was poorly worded, I guess.

It's ridiculous that Obama reversed Bush's legislation on affirmative action. Now it's once again okay for colleges to take black students just because they're black, amirite?

Affirmative Action is not a quota, and it is only trying to combat discrimination the extreme lack of opportunity for certain minorities. Plus, lots of people get into college for reasons other than their smarts, such as being a legacy, child of a financial donor, or sports.I think this is an issue people need to research and think about the different aspects of before they make a decision about whether they agree with it or not.

Obama putting a tax on Christmas trees is a dick move, amirite?

It's 15 cents on a tree, and the money goes to help Christmas tree growers in support of more fresh Christmas trees. It's really not outrageous.

You kind of don't get why people are so sad about Harry Potter ending, it already ended when the last book was written. Yeah the last movie's coming out, but you were way more invested in the books than the movies, amirite?

Well, now there won't be many big events, like premieres, to anticipate and celebrate with friends and other HP fans. Like, when the last book ended, fans were terribly sad at the end, but we realized that there were still 2 more books to be turned into movies, so we didn't fully admit to the end. It's just kind of all over now and it's very sad.

Its so crazy to think that our sun is the same one everyone sees around the whole world, amirite?

...and it's the same one that everyone in history has seen.

It is annoying and hysterical how some language text books will show an equal number of races in the picture supplements, even though it is totally not accurate; like, there are NOT an equal number of Caucasians, Asians, Blacks, and Arabics in France, amirite?
@badalsal Arabics.. Seriously? Its arabs...

My mistake, sorry! I'd change it if I could...

It would be funny if a devout catholic went to heaven, only to realize that God is really a Black Lesbian woman, amirite?

This post in not funny. I think it is quite mean, considering you are stereotyping.

Cockroaches should just go extinct, amirite?

Same with stinkbugs!

Its funny how in trailers for big movies its always like "The movie the world has been waiting for" umm I wasnt waiting for it... amirite?

Minus the Harry Potter movies :)

<span style="display:none;">Your username is awesome, amirite?</span>
if ( currentUserUsername ) { t="Your username is "+currentUserUsername;}
else { t="You're not logged in"; }
</script>, amirite?

Ah! This was creepy...yet amazing.

Since Harry Potter takes place in England, it would make the most sense for Potter Land to be built there instead, amirite?

No, because it wouldn't be as special there. It is cool for it to be in America because it we don't have lots of castles (or British accents) like they do in England. It is more fun for the park to be in someplace totally the opposite of England, like Florida.

Waking up at 6:3O on a Saturday to go line up for DH tickets sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan, amirite?

I am SO GOING! I bought my tickets last week! Since I found out the release date a year or so has seriously not left my thoughts.

"Waffle cone or cake cone?" Is that even a question?amirite?
"Waffle cone or cake cone?" Is that even a question?amirite?