The smartest thing that The Mandalorian writers did was make baby Yoda not cry like a real baby would. amirite?
Microwaves get more and more features but the only one that ever gets used is time cook, amirite?

+30 seconds

And the smell of the razor blades in the apples?

if we only use 10% of our brain, and 7 or 8% of that is used up thinking about sex, imagine what we could do with 100%, amirite?

Probably be spending all day making sure you are properly having your organs function.

As of 2019, checking people's IDs for whether they're 18 or not is really easy as you just need to check whether they were born in 2000 or before. amirite?

I used to work in a club and people would borrow a brothers ID ect

Best way to tell if it was their ID was to ask what star sign they were.

"Ummmm Leo I think"

No entry

Fort night in the Eighties required an imagination, possible board games, a flashlight, some snacks, a string with a sheet and at least one other person, amirite?
Being naked was normal in the old days, amirite?

How old are you?

The capitalist / free market sounds great as an idea but it has lead us to monopolies controlling every industry. amirite?

Would you rather the government controls every industry?

We as humans have created breeding grounds without ever calling them breeding grounds (bars, nightclubs, etc.) amirite?

i'd call them courting grounds, unless you're talking about the bar bathrooms.

People who use the "ツ" symbol as a smiley face are probably confusing so many Japanese people online. amirite?

Monolingual American here, what does that symbol mean in Japanese?

All guys love at least 1 dick, amirite?
For the vast majority of people you have ever talked to, you only spoke once and never again, amirite?

Dont make me cry please

The signs given by girls aren't confusing most of the time. It's just that guys are usually pessimistic and lack self-confidence. amirite?

No.... Girls just don't say what they mean which makes them confusing

When you pick out the cashews from the mixed nuts you're stealing from future you. amirite?
The feral cat population has fooled us into believing they're harmlessly growing in numbers when in reality they're building a massive army that when finished, will converge and wage war on humanity for acts of cruelty against felines worldwide. amirite?

How high are you