You don't know what kool aid is, amirite?

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Kool-aid can be a key part to a diabolical plan to.

If someone gets your McFlurry order wrong at McDonald's, you should scream "YOU MCFUCKED UP!" at him, amirite?

Is anyone else reminded of the Whitest Kid's U Know Abraham Lincoln video?

How does a redneck mom know when her daughters on her period? Her son's dick tastes different, amirite?
You know how they have failblog? They need to make trollblog, and show epic trolling wins, amirite?
@Trolls never win.

And that's the way we like it

Why are there no "your dad" jokes? amirite?

Why? Because your Dad is so stupid he bought Windows Vista.

you have no problem with Jewish people, amiright? amirite?

How can you not hate Jews? They cause so much economic problems. They do make good scapegoats though. I'll give them that.

Whats worse then finding a worm in an apple? Rape. amirite?

I fucking hate you. I just thought of this yesterday and was going to post this. I hope you get raped while eating a worm in an apple.

If you clone yourself, and then have sex with the clone, that's masturbation, amirite?

Wouldn't it just be easier to rape a baby?

Who actually decides what 'beautiful' is? Why do girls feel the need to be stick thin? This is out of control. Our 10 year olds have eating disorders. Something must be done. amirite?


Somebody should definetly make a soap that dosen't hurt when it gets in your eyes, amirite?

I like the pain

There's a part of you that wants to think that Amelia Earhart is still out there somewhere, alive, amirite?

No way! Women shouldn't be able to fly planes! Or lead happy lives!


Haha. One retard agrees

There are a few different types of hungry: There's hungry hungry, where your stomach is growling. There's sad hungry, where you eat away the pain. And then there's bored hungry, where you have nothing better to do than stuff your face full of junk, amirite?

Don't forget "starving kids in Africa" hungry! Personally that's my favorite.

Visiting was a bad idea, amirite?

Holy Hell! I had to restart my computer!

There is a huge difference between the words nigger and nigga, amirite?

"Nigger" is for racists. "Nigga" is a word that only black people can say to each other.