About me.

Me? I'm a California kid, and I like it... that is when the A/C is working. I take Algebra 2 as a Freshman (which is, for some reason, a big deal in my school). I'm the only freshman in that class. I really love Hetalia (it's not historically accurate, and it barely taught me anything but... c'mon). I'm a proud nerd and I hope to get into engineering when I'm older. I might go into the military after high school for the college monies.

I'm also cool with Harry Potter, but my obsession has currently died down. I don't really like Twilight much, and I also don't like Justin Bieber.

I like manga and anime, and sometimes I write manga strips for fun in my spare time. My deviantID is Matimatimarcan, although I have yet to post anything to that site.

I'm pretty sure I'm too young to be interested in politics, and when it comes to "Democrats and Republicans", I think they all suck.