You could have been born as a micro organism, amirite?
Parents yell at you for your voicemail box being full when you're saving their old voicemails in case they spontaneously die, amirite?

You can download audio files to a hard-drive

CCGGAAGFFEEDDDDCGGFEEDGFED is your ABCs if you said the note it is in the song and not the letter, amirite?

Not anymore! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Women who want to be ‘compensated' for their ‘unpaid childcare labour' are the female version of men saying they won't ‘babysit' their own kids, amirite?
@BigMemer You think that's ridiculous you should hear how much some of them think they deserve. I've seen people on twitter...

It's the first I've heard of it. Ya, that's obviously hypocritical. Worse than that, though, I feel bad for the kids whose parents have that kind of mentality - what a way to grow up.

On the final Biblical Judgement day it is very likely that half of us with show up in our pajamas or Naked, amirite?

Except Judgment Day is made up.

Poor grass. Everybody just walks all over it. Even when it tries to stand up for itself. amirite?

You know that freshly cut grass smell you love so much? Yeah that's actually the grass screaming in agony and frantically trying to heal itself.

It takes a weight off your shoulders to embrace being stupid. It'll no longer feel bad to have someone accuse you of being a moron, they were the idiot here for taking so long to figure it out. amirite?

What weight? Ignorance is bliss in the first place.

Tell a lie once and all of your truths become questionable, amirite?

Someone's been busted...

people who hate tw's basically have a trigger warning for trigger warnings, amirite?

I hate the idea of them. I've had traumatic experiences hell I'm diagnosed with ptsd but I don't sit in fear of every little thing that might remind me of what happened

Soon, people will need to start leaving their passwords on their will. amirite?
If nothing happens after death, you don't "experience" death. From your perspective, you never really die, because you don't experience the actual end. amirite?
@miraclerandy What gave it away?

Well, he was dead for 3 minutes

Millennials have a historically low 4.2% of wealth. And 2% of that 4.2% belongs to just one millennial, Mark Zuckerberg. amirite?

I'm hopeless at math but would it be clearer to say 50% of that 4.2% belongs Zuckerberg?

Ants and Bees risk their lives and will do absolutely anything for their queen, which makes them the biggest simps of the animal kingdom, amirite?

read "the selfish gene"

All your relatives (siblings included) will all soon find a family more important than you and the family dynamic you know will never exist again, amirite?

Jokes on you, thats already happened and im not even an adult yet!

Given that other animals are able to count, humans probably weren't the first species in our evolution to be counting. There was probably some lizard or rat or something down the line that started counting one day. amirite?

But can you count how many are left?