Marilyn Monroe would be considered overweight by today's standards, but she was damn sexy, amirite?

Actually I think she'd be considered normal weight by today's standards. In the 60's she was size 14, but in today's society, that would translate to a size 6.

A period leak on your wedding day would suck, amirite?

The pill tends to make things more regular, so it's pretty easy to plan a wedding many months in advance and still plan around that time of the month. Of course, if you're not on the pill, it's a hit or miss situation

Even if you aren't Catholic, Nicki Minaj's Grammy performance was still kind of offensive, amirite?

Well with the way she dresses and the way she is trying to create controversy, it kind of seems like she is trying to be like Lady Gaga.

It would suck if a laxative kicked in while you were having sex, amirite?

If you know you're going to have sex, then don't take a laxative until after.

It's really inappropriate that a girl in my class stays after school everyday to be with our teacher, they message each other all the time on Facebook, the teacher talks bad about students with her behind their backs, and that he got her a present for no reason. Amirite?

Could be jumping to conclusions though. Maybe they're related in some way, like an uncle or distant cousin or something. It's still very inappropriate for him to badmouth other students to her but best to find out the whole story than to start rumours.

Love the asian problems one, just watched Glee earlier so actually laughed out loud at the A-

You use to believe some weird shit when you were little, amirite?

I used to think that at A&W you had to be a teen to order a teenburger, or a mother to order a mama burger, and so on.

The worst day to die is on April Fools Day, amirite?

My grandmother actually passed away on April 1st this year. When my mom called I actually asked if it was a joke..

Coldplay in Britain is similar to Nickleback in the U.S.A, amirite?

Nickelback is also Canadian

Saying that you're a vegetarian when you still eat fish is like saying "Oh I'm a lesbian, but I still like a little bit of penis", amirite?

There are different kinds and levels of being a vegetarian. Pescetarian is just one of the categories of vegetarianism.

You've always had one more birthday than how old you are, because the day you were born also counts as a birthday, amirite?

Actually, it counts as THE birthday, as opposed to a birthday :)

You'd take a good steak over bacon any day, amirite?

Why one over the other? Why not bacon wrapped steak? Best of both worlds.

It's really stupid that my boyfriend refuses to add me on facebook, amirite?

Definitely hiding something

you shouldteach your kids to lie, that way they will rebel against/wont listen to you by telling the truth, amirite?

That plan would probably backfire...

It must suck in countries besides the US to order a quarter pounder from McDonalds; asking for a "113.398093 grammer" would get old fast, amirite?

A quarter pounder is still called a quarter pounder in Canada :p