About me.


I:Important stuff about Me:

My name is Brian
I live in the the great USA
I am in High School
I am a guy, and for those of you that don't know, that means I don't have a vagina

II:Things I Like:
Food- steak, apples, pomegranates
Separating Lists into sections with Roman Numerals
TV: The Office, Dexter, Family Guy, SNL, Ugly Americans
Movies: Anchorman, Funny Games, The Strangers, Law Abiding Citizen,
Music: Alternative, British Punk, White People Rap, Rock

III:Things I Don't Like
The Klan

IV:Pooh Bear
The pooh bear display picture is a bit of an ongoing joke between me and a friend, I don't particularly like pooh bear and is not an attempt to be "random" or childlike

V: Thank You
Thank you for reading my list and I love you, sexually