Whispering something you say can change everything. For example, "I like kids." amirite?

Copied from Last Comic Standing!

Plagiarism: Getting in trouble for something you didn't do, amirite?

haha, punny.

In kindergarten, you could never get enough water with "1-2-3-thankyou". amirite?

for us it was "1-2-3- you're done"

When you see the band N.E.R.D. you're not sure if you pronounce it "Nerd" or "N-E-R-D", amirite?

I'm not gonna lie the only reason I posted this is to see if someone would comment and help me out with how to pronounce it.

In 2007 I learned how to do the Soulja Boy. 2008, The Stanky Leg. 2009, I was Jerkin'. In 2010 I learned how to Dougie. What insane dance will 2011 bring? amirite?

The John Wall!!!!!!

singing in the shower and wondering why the hell you haven't released an album yet?! amirite?

Gee, I wonder if this was taken from Facebook

That 70s show!!!!!

Facebook is like my fridge: I check it on the hour even if I know nothing's changed, and I can always see parts of my friends of whom I've gotten a little tired, amirite?

Jeffrey Dahmer would be pleased

It's pretty weird to think that future generations will talk about Will Smith and be talking about the one in karate kid and not his dad the fresh prince, amirite?

The one in Karate Kid is Jayden Smith

It's pretty stupid how when people are morbidly obese and labeled "handicapped", they basically have to do less. Hell, why not make them walk longer in the parking lot? Amirite?

They should make an obese section in the back of all parking lots. That way, the fattys get to burn a few extra calories everyday, and the front of the parking lot won't be so full.

You should never call a girl a 'cunt.' amirite?

Just tell her you'll see her next Tuesday instead.


Anyone who's an atheist just hasn't heard of Pascal's Wager, amirite?

If there is a God, and Christians are right when they say He has plans for each one of us, wouldn't that mean that Atheism has to be a part of those plans? If he made everyone with a plan, and that plan is unwavering like people claim, doesn't that mean that He would have had to put Atheism into some people's plans, otherwise it wouldn't be here?

White people should never get cornrows, amirite?

What if they're farmers? Then can they have them?

When you were younger and wet your bed, it was usually because of a dream. And in that dream, you had to pee really badly, so you went to the toilet and took a leak, amirite?

I had a dream that I was playing cello in the symphony (I don't think I've ever even touched a cello) and had to pee, but if I stopped playing, I would be fired. So, I just peed onstage while playing and when I woke up I had wet the bed.

Never use superlatives in a post because there's always going to be that annoying commenter saying something along the lines of "Yeah, I'm pretty sure cancer is worse.", amirite?

For some reason the first time I read this, I got "Never use superlaxatives" and was confused. Then, I read it again and it made more sense.